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Brave Trent takes on the Vacuum Monster!

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Much to the cats' dismay, the Vacuum Monster came out again this weekend. Trent tries to be brave and protect us from the monster by hissing his little tiny hiss (it's so pathetic it's cute!), and even sometimes trying to charge at the monster and slap it.

Something very unexpected happened to the monster this weekend - it blew up! The top handle came off in hubby's hand, the belt broke, and it ended up in many pieces in the living room.

Trent had gone to hide when the vacuum monster was roaring around the house without taking notice of his hissing and growling. And when he came out - here was what looked like the same monster scattered on the floor! He cautiously approached, and sniffed toward it. Yup, it smelled like the monster. It didn't roar or move....but it was definitely the monster! He stepped closer, waiting for it to move and slowly raised a paw.... BAP! He jumped back waiting for the monster to roar to life. Sniff, sniff....BAP! BAP! Jump back.

This continued for about 5 minutes, and I about busted a gut trying not to laugh out loud! Finally, satisfied that he had saved us all from the Vacuum Monster, Trent came up for well deserved snuggles for being such a brave little kitty boy!
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ROTFLMAO!! That is TOO funny, Heidi!!!
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It must have been Trent's mean ol hiss that did the Monster in!
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LOL!!!! I love when they do the quick BAP!! Saki does this to my hairdryer And my fiancee's belt when he takes it off!
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Oh how brave a kitty he is!!!

Too bad you don't have pics !
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I wanted to get the camera so bad! But I knew if I got up from the couch he would stop to see what I was doing, and Earl didn't think it was a Kodak moment and wouldn't bring me the camera.
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LMAO! That sounds so darn cute!
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thanks for sharing
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All Hail to the Vacuum Monster Conqueror Trent!!!
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I LOVED your narration!!! I could just see it. Awwww, Trent,

I also try really hard not to just laugh my head off when I see mine doing the 'Bap-bap' thing to something 'evil' too!
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That's way too cute!
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What a cute and funny cat! But I agree, Trent is very, very brave!
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I love when they do that, too cute!
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cute story!( it is kinda funny my vacaum blew up this weekend also)
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LMAO!!! That is darn cute!!!
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ROTFLMAO this is to funny and so well explaint . Great , thanks for sharing that with us all .
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What a Brave Boy, Trent!! Your Mommy and Daddy must feel doubly blessed to have you there to protect them from this terrible monster! Goooood Kitty!
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That's too funny! My house mate's vacuum cleaner got the BAP! treatment and it doesn't sound too good.
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What a brave kitty!

So is there a new vacuum monster to conquer in Trent's future?
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Trent is VERY brave, Jeepers and Axl won't even stay in the same room if there's a vacuum about!
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LOL! What a good little hunter!
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Heidi, that is too funny! Both of my cats hate the vacuum monster, too. Once, I carried it past Molly, who puffed up, hissed and ran away to hide.
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Saki did the same thing tonite! LOL!! I was cleaning the hair out of the bottom of the vaccume and he started bapping the wheels lmao!!

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What a brave kitty! Finally managed to kill the monster! And this is a mess free monster, no fether covered floor!
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Oh Sicy how funny LMAO
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