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What graphics programs do you have on your computer?

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I know there are a lot of really talented Computer Graphic Artists on this board, and I was wondering what Graphics programs the rest of you C. G. Artists have. I have: 1-Photoshop7, 2-Paint Shop Pro, 3-Micrografx suite (a cheapie set of programs-but pretty cool), 4-Microsoft Picture It (another cheapie), 5-Bryce 3D, and 6-Meta Creations Painter 6.

What about everyone else?
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photoshop 7, Bryce 5.
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My Computer
* Photoshop 7
* Microsoft Paint
* Truespace

Nick's Computer
* Plasma
* XaraX
* Corel7
* The Gimp - http://www.gimp.org/
* Fireworks MX
* Flash MX
* Swift3d

We have way too may programs!!!!
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I'm pretty well set with Adobe software.

Photoshop 7 (with Imageready)
Illustrator 10
InDesign 2
Irfanview - freeware at www.irfanview.com comes in very handy to automatically put the correct extensions on picture files downloaded from the internet.

I know Earl has something to make Flash and stuff like that, but I don't know what it is.
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Paint Shop Pro 7 all the way!!
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Photoshop 7
Image Ready
Photo Editor
Photo Deluxe

and something else I cant remember.
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The Gimp.
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Adobe Image ready & Ifran View!
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Photoshop7, Fireworks MX, Flash MX, Dreamweaver, 3D Studio Max, SolidWorks, Illustrator, Inventor, Maya (free version!), Photo Impact, Premiere (sp?).

On the wishlist: Adobe After Effects
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paintshop pro 7 and animation shop.
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Photoshop 7.0.1 - color adjustment & general image editing

ACDSee 3.1 - image file viewing

BreezeBrowser 2.8 - digiphoto file renaming & EXIF info reading, Canon RAW file conversion

Irfanview 3.85 - quick batch resizing

Prof. Helmut Dersch's PanoTools, PTGui, PTLens - panoramic image creation, lens distortion correction

NeatImage - digital photo noise reduction

Qimage Pro - image printing & high-quality resizing

X-Rite Colorshop demo, GretagMacbeth ProfileMaker Pro demo, ICC Profile Inspector - ICC profile viewing
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But I know where I can ask when I get round to buying one.
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I have:

Photoshop 7
Image Ready
Photo Paint
PrintMaster Platnum
PC Hugware

Those are the ones I have installed. I have others that I don't use anymore and don't even have on my PC any longer.
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I have Photoshop 6.
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Photshop 6 with Image Ready 3
Photoshop Elements
Infraview(the Freebie)
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Oh I have Image Ready, Dreamweaver and ACDSee as well. I am interested learning Flash. I have the program, but I just can't figure it out.
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