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Down with the flu...

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Hey everyone. Even though I had a shot, I still got the flu somehow. Now I'm trying to kill some time, since my parents said I could go on the computer for a little bit.
Anyone else get the flu after they've had the shot? It kind of confuses me how I could get it.
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My co-worker got it after she got the flu shot.

They used last year's formula for the flu shots, taking the chance that this new strain wouldn't hit like it has. Basically, the shot doesn't protect at all against the main type of influenza that is going around.
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RBK- I'm sorry to hear you have the flu, Feel better soon. Hugs to you and Anastasia.
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Normally, (like in other years) after you've had a flu shot, it takes a couple of weeks for your body to develop immunity.

Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon!
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Sorry you are sick! Be sure to rest and take lots of liquids! Get well soon!
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Me! I got the flu shot back in October and I have a touch of it. I left work early today and have been doing nothing but sleeping. I'll be going back to bed soon and hope I feel better tomorrow. I can't miss work tomorrow, its pay day and I have to do some Christmas shopping!

Me all day <------
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i heard that the flu shots are a kind of good virus so it makes u sick when u get the shots and then u build up the immunity.. so drink more liquids and take care... tissues anybody??
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Russian Blue Kitten and Creepyowl, I hope the both of you will get better soon!
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Thanks everyone! I'm feeling a little better and hopefully I'll get better before Christmas.
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