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I have a wonderful young man named Geronimo with me. Here is his story:

Geronimo and his sister Orca were left in a box under a tree. At the time they were only a couple of months old. Something must have startled them because they both hopped out of the box and climbed up the tree. Someone passing by discovered them but was unable to get them down. They had climbed up the tree until they were nearly 60 feet off the ground!! The local fire department and police didn't have the proper equipment to rescue them and for hours we searched for someone who could help. Finally, a local man came to their rescue. It turned out that he was a window washer and he climbed up the tree to rescue the duo. After some trying, he finally got a hold of Orca, but in doing so, he spooked Geronimo and Geronimo Jumped to the ground. Unbelievably after a through search and weeks of observation, it was found that Geronimo was not hurt!!! I now have this sweet little boy living in my home in the South Suburbs of Chicago. He's patiently waiting for his new home.

If you are interested in giving this little miracle Geronimo a forever home (or his sister Orca), please e-mail me and I'll send pictures and other info on him.