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Kitten Biting

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Can a kitten bite a lot because they are teething? What age does teething happen/finish? Smokey has been biting a LOT recently. He is almost 5 months old...He attacks hands and ankles and bites. I've tried gently scruffing and laying him on his back and I've tried ignoring him... And he still continues to bite.. Other than that he's very sweet and affectionate... Is this normal for kittens his age?
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Perfectly normal, he would be with his siblings now and they would spend the majority of their day wrestling, biting and growling. He doesn't have the interaction between his own species, so guess what? You are elected! You can blow on puff of breath in his face and tell him no, and when he engages your hand with his claws and teeth, thrust your hand forward gently and it will startle him and he will release you. Don't lose your temper at him, he is doing something perfectly normal for a kitten. I also have an old beat-up beanie baby I give my kittens when they bite and play like this. It has weathered many a litter and is doing better than a hand would be in that situation. Just be sure if you use a stuffed animal, to remove the eyes and nose if they are attached so the kitten won't choke. You could always adopt another kitten for him to wrestle with.
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Thanks... I'll try the stuffed animal and blowing in his face.. The thing is though.. He DOES have a sibling to play with. He and Blue (they are brother and sister) wrestle all the time. So does he just think of me as another playmate?
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Sorry, had to laugh when you mentioned that he has a sister to play with as well as you. I think he sees you as possibly a wiser playmate and perhaps learn a few extra survival skills from you. Just a thought, I could be completely wrong.

I had to use use actual baby toys for my two. They decimate baby beanies rather easily. I'm guessing I can't find high quality ones. But I do have the occasional chew toy around just in case they feel the need to chew at times even if they are no longer kittens.

When he wants attention, get a favourite toy, or any toy and encourage him to pounce on that rather than your hand. That way, if he wants to wrestle, he can without your hand suffering.
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