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A Bentley baby pic

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This is when we first got Bentley and fell in love:

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Below is another picture of Bentley but he's growing fast. I'm not sure if that teddy bear is fearful or in love lol

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Bentley at about 8 months old:

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Bentley used to sleep on our computer desk right next to us. He liked being under the light because of the warmth but doesn't seem to like the light at all:

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What a pretty boy! I think the teddy bear is definitely in love with that contented face!
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Bentley also would sleep under our computer desk when he wanted to be left alone. This pic looks like he's plugged in and recharging so I had to take it:

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Thank you Sweets! I can't imagine our lives without him.
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What great pictures of Bentley! I love the one with the Teddy, that is just too cute. And the one where he's covering his eyes, and the ones where he's sleeping, and of course the baby picture... OK, I love all of them!

I'm going to move this to the Fur Pictures forum so everyone can see this adorable kitty.
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Bentley is soooo gorgeous!!!! especially giving teddy a cuddle.

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Bently is awesome! What a handsome guy. I love the one where he's covering his face
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I can understand why you fell in love with Bently what a pretty boy he is . I love the pic of him with the bear that is so cute .
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What a pretty kitty!

Peedoodle often sleeps with his paws covering his face, I love it when he does that, its tooo darn cute and I always kiss him when he does that!
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WHAT a beautiful cat!!! From cute kitten to handsome bigpuss, you're really lucky to have such a character to share your life with.

Great pics too by the way!!!!
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I love the one w/the bear. He is adorable! I would have fell in love with him too!
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Oh my gosh! What a handsome little guy!
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grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I just spent a long while uploading and linking a bunch more pix and I timed out.

anyway... try to do this fast...
These are all older pix too but I'll take some soon.
This is Bent telling me he would appreciate it if I didn't pet him:

Our baby chilling after a play session:

Bent playing with the wild animals(gives an idea of size):

Same place as above but a little bigger:

The most recent pic of Bent we have... with my son, Joel. You can see his tail markings pretty good here too(looks like a raccoon tail) and also see one of the places where his tail was borken. He favors it a lot and refuses to let anybody touch it:

Thank you all for your kind words and help!
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He looks like a lover!
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No wonder you fell in love.. he's so gorgeous, I love him to bits! thanks for sharing
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Okay, okay....I'm in love with Bentley! shhhhhh don't tell my boys. What a gorgeous kitty.
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awwww he is soooo cute!!!!!
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What a beautiful kitty.
Thanks for sharing all the wonderful shots!
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Bentley is gorgeous -- no doubt about it! Great pics. My fave is still the very first kitten one, though -- who wouldn't have fallen in love?!
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GORGEOUS pics!! I've fallen in love...

This is Bent telling me he would appreciate it if I didn't pet him:
LOVED that pic! YOU MUST post that in "caption that" thread! I can think of some GRRREEEATTT quotes for that pic!
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Hasn't he grown!

I love how his markings became more prominent as he got older.
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Kitten always look so angelic when they still have their blue eyes. Especially when theyre white or a light color!
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I really need to get more recent pix of Bentley. His color is much darker in places now, of course.

Sicy, thank you for the beautiful sig!
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You're welcome
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I just went back and noticed some posts I hadn't seen before.

Pamela, thank you .I took your suggestion to heart and sent that pic in to Caption This! so you can caption away!

Rapunzel47, it's amazing the amount of love I have for him hurts sometimes(I get a lump in my throat) and when he does sweet things like licking my hand the other night then curling up by my knees because he knew I was in pain(had to have known-he's never done that before) I just melt . Everytime my wife and I look at his baby pic we both automatically go, "awwwwwwwwww". Nobody would be able to help theirselves with a creature such as that.

You're welcome Super . I love sharing his pix and I love seeing everybody else's. I sit here for hours looking through the pix.

Princess, thanks! He's my cutie-patootie.

Heh, Blondiecat, What's not to love

WellingtonCats, What you said... and thank you.

Lynx, the way he sits on my wife you'd think he was trying.
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WOW WOW WOW Have to say i stumbled into this thread by accident, but once i saw that first picture me and my brother just stopped talking, stared at the screen and both said 'oh my God!!!'

The markings on that cat are absolutely amazing, i have to say that is one of the most beautiful cats i have ever seen.


We have most definately decided to rescue either a kitten or a cat from our local shelter.

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Bent Animal, HI!!

Bentley is SO-O-O Cute!! The kitten photo of him, reminds me of my brother & sis-in-laws' cat Goliath, when he was little.

Goliath is growing rapidly, he is a Ragdoll breed. Nancy & Lance also have a rescued white kitty with a little smudge of black on her forehead, so she got called: Smudge.
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