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By accident a few month ago, Rosie found a packet of mints on the kitchen table where she managed to get one out and started licking it to death!. I obviously took it from her, but a few weeks later, she managed to grab a packet of chewing gum and put her teeth marks all through the pack,which again i took from her and put in my bag for safe keeping, or so i thought?!.

When i got to work, i went into my bag for some gum, and realised it was missing?. I could'nt concentrate after that because i knew where it would be!.

After dashing home that evening, i ran to her room, and as i thought there they were, all 7, well licked chewing gum pellets, scattered around the room!

Thank god they were all there, but i now make sure my handbag is zipped up when she's around.

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Wow! My cats usually make the "ick that stinks" face whenever they smell mint! What a sweet wacky cat you have!
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Did your mints and chewing gum have a sweet coating on them?

If so, I'd consider taking her to the vet to check for diabetes. I'm not sure if cats have a likening for sweet things if they're diabetic.
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Dont think she has diabetes?, would she not be drinking more though if she had? .Theres been other sweet things lying around and she's never touched them, just mint ones!.

The other strange thing she does with mint, is if after i've brushed my teeth,or im chewing gum, and i talk to her right up close to her face, she screws her eyes up and gives me such a whack with her paw!!.

Obviously loves the taste but not the smell!!.
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Maybe you can find some mint chews at the pet store. Or look at what is offered for dental hygiene (might have mint flavored stuff). Even check out the dog chews. There are several mint flavored products available for dogs that might not be available for cats (especially if mint isn't typically popular among cats).

If it is the sweet taste, maybe you can find something sweet tasting that is made for cats.
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I lived in a house that had wild mint growing in the backyard, and kitties loved it. They would nibble on it, and roll around in it. It smelled wonderful!
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