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A cat remembers

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In September I looked after a cat for my cousin who was away. I went through the whole process for introducing new cats, although a bit "speeded up". The first few days, she was very timid and spent a lot of time hiding. By the end of three weeks, she was running around with my two, playing, exploring the whole house, and had made herself quite at home.

Last night she arrived again for Kitty Camp while her "parents" are away for Christmas. She acted like she had never been away! Knew all her favourite spots, and made herself at home right away. And although there is periodic hissing and growling from my two resident cats, they seem to remember each other as well - they greeted the visitor by rubbing noses. And to be honest, there was still hissing going on at the end of her last stay, as she thought they needed to be a lot more active, and was constantly trying to get them to play.

I am pleased; a cat memory seems to be a few months long at least.
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I reckon they remember too. I used to have my sisters two persians - Oliver and Stanley when she went away. My lot always seemed to remember them as well. Stanley used to take up where he left off - on top of the kitchen cupboards and Oliver took no notice of anyone and acted as if he was an only cat, just like before!
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Totally agree about cats remembering! I once had a vet treat Joji here at home; then he showed up YEARS later on an informal visit. Joji knew EXACTLY who he was!
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I totally agree with cat's having a memory.

I left Russell for three months and missed out on a lot of his kitten stage. :sniff: But when we were re-united, he remembered me and stuck with me like glue in the new place. And before long, he was up to his regular antics and wrapping everyone else around his little finger.
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