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My Mexico Trip (Pics overload)

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I didn't know whether this should have gone in furr-pictures or not because there is no cats, but there are a lot of pics... So Mods, please put this thread where you deem fit. Thanks!

Here are all the good pics from my Mexico trip. I might mention some things about some pics...

This is when we first got off the 4 1/2 hour flight.

This is our first A la carte dinner

Look at the size of the plants!!!

This is our friends place. They live in Puerto Vallarta.

The famous arches

This is a young police guy who guards the exchange place sometimes. Darrell didn't really want to ask him but he did and they guy was more than happy to oblige. What a great sense of humor! I still can't believe the size difference between the two.

Again the plants!


Los Arcos

"One picture 5 dollars, One picture 5 dollars"

oops, have to adjust a few more pics and I'll load some more up shortly...
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It looks like you sure packed a lot into your holiday!

I now have a craving for chilli con carne.

Heehee....the plants are that big in my garden.
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ok here are some more

This is me up parasailing. That little wee thing down below is the boat pulling me.

This is a restaurant we went to on a booze cruise.

On the trip back the crewmen did YMCA on the deck, what a hoot!

Our friends place again.

Some Henna tatoo's I got.
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Looks like you had a good time!!! I love the beach shots, makes me long for summer....just a little bit, I love the winter more
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Great Pics!! Love the beach sunset...
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LOOOOOOOVE THE PICS. You & Your hubby look very happy!

Makes me long for my trip to Cayo Coco Cuba in April!
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Wow, looks like you had a great time... fab pics.
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My husband and I went to Puerto Vallarta last November, stayed in the "romantic zone" on Pasillo Badillo also at a friends house, then walked the 3 blocks to the beach each morning. It looks like you were near the river in the romantic zone (much nicer place than hotel row IMO)??? Some of your pics look REALLY familiar.

We got there a couple of weeks after the hurricane hit and there was still a tremendous amount of damage along the shore. You couldn't even get close to the arches from the construction barriers then. Most of the stores along the ocean were closed, although I was amazed at the amount of progress they made in the few short weeks before we got there.

Oooooooo.....you make me want to go back!!

Daquaria Pena pour favor!!!!
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Great pics! But did you drink the water?
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WOW you made some awsome pictures . I am sure you had a lot of fun there . I want to go now too
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What lovely pics!! You and your hubby DO look very happy and it looks beautiful there!
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omg that parasailing pic makes me
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Wow, those are great pics! I want to go now. It looks beautiful. I love the beach! The parasailing looks like soooo much fun.
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Wow Tamme! You trip looked fun!!!!!!!!
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Hey hey, I just went to Cancun in November myself! What a great time! We're going back at the end of April!! Here's a couple of pics of my trip. Almost everyone we met was from Canada too. Great for singles such as myself. Lots of partying!

An iguana

The obligatory silly hat shot - Look at the size of those margaritas!

This is from a club which I -CANNOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT- called CocoBongo, which is like your average bar, only with impersonations and shows throughout the evening. This is a guy dressed as spiderman doing aerial feats over the clubgoers heads!!!

This is me during an impromptu limbo session at CocoBongo!

And this is the poolbar at the resort we stayed at, Oasis Cancun.
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