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Ideas needed...

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As all of you know, I am volunteering my services to the local cat welfare society. I've been asked to think of ideas for T-shirts and different kinds of merchandise that would be able to help raise funds for the stray cats population in Singapore.

Now, I would like some of you to provide me with some insight as to what kinds of merchandise your shelters sell to raise funds and some ideas for T-shirt designs.

Finally, the society is setting up a committee to do fund raising... they have never done such things before so they lack the experience.. would appreciate if you would let me know what are the necessities for fund raising and what are the things to look out for...

thanks in advance...

check out our website: Cat Welfare Society(Singapore)
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Well, I can help with the fundraising side of things.

Firstly, select a leader of the committee that everyone can agree on. And work out some ground rules as to who is doing what and agreed deadlines. And encourage each other along the way so you all feel involved and not excluded. And if anyone starts to fall behind, offer help and assistance hopefully someone or several people can pitch in as you all have individual roles. Never ever patronise, it just leads to disagreements. And let members know how to ask for help and reassure them that it will be ok.

Now about products...well I've had a look through what the CWSS provides and I'm impressed. There's a wide range of products available. I like the ones that help raise awareness. Perhaps a book could be put together explaining cat's behaviour and how to introduce a cat into the family home. And include statistics as to how TNR programs work and why it's better than culling. Maybe this book could be a How to Care for Your Cat book and perhaps it could be sold through vet surgeries and through shelters in Singapore.

So far that's all the ideas I have for now. Hey, I even suggested a product.
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Hey that sounds like a good idea!! I'll let the society know... maybe we could get some authors to pen a book... Thanks! Will keep in mind about the fund raising pointers! Thanks again!
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bump! More ideas needed!!
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Have you ever heard of a breed of cat Singapura?

It comes from Singapore and came from the breeding of stray cats and cats living on the street, (well so goes the story). Not that this should be encouraged.

I just thought that this could help the organisation in that Singapore has a breed of cat, (pedigree mind you!!), that perhaps it's surprising that the nation would treat the very cats that produced this breed so poorly.

Just an idea.

Here's a link or two for information about the Singapura.

Singapura - Cat Fanciers' Association (USA)

Fanciers Breeder Referral List - Unsure of Country but most likely USA

Extra Info It doesn't have a lot of information but it does have an interesting claim and would be fantastic if it's true. It claims that Singapore has named the breed Singapura as a national treasure. And the Singapore Tourism Promotion Board also uses the Singapura as a mascot.
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ok.. this is something really saddening the moment you mention about the singapura cat.... we dun have anymore here.....

check this website out: singapura cat
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