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Catnip Tea Anyone?

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Well, I was trawling through the internet for ideas on home made presents or ideas for a new craft project when I came along Catnip tea for humans. I never knew of it being put in tea before and now I really want to try some. I LOVE tea. Maybe I can find out what all the fuss is about.

Well here's the link to the site where I found it for anyone who is interested.

Catnip Tea Recipes
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no thanks.. i might just react the way meow meow why she got her catnip pillow...
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The only problem I would see is that I would never be able to drink it without two kitty heads in the way!
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I have had catnip tea in the past, it is good for an upset tummy.
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I'm also a tea drinker. Think it would make me more alert than my regular, caffeinated tea in the morning for work? lol
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Well I know of a good tea supplier in the city. The tea comes in little wooden boxes!! I'm going to contact her and see if she's got Catnip Tea.

Otherwise I'll have to ring Australian Customs and see whether it's ok for me to import.
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NO! It will not wake you up it will make you
My grandmother used on new-born babies who had the
hives so to speak, alot of my family still uses it now.
If they don't sleep at night make them catnip tea, We
use fresh if at all possible.
Pick a hand-ful of leaves cover with about 1 cup boiling
water let steep about 5 min. strain, sweeten w/corn syrup or sugar to taste.

This is a post by DH
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