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Technical Difficulties

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I've been having some technical difficulties accessing TCS. Thank you to Kate, (kateang), who PM'ed Mary Anne, (hissy), for me. Thank you for all the suggestions. And after running around eliminating possible sources, we found the cause.

It's my fiancee's computer. We have a network set up and for some unknown reason it seems to black access to TCS every now and then. We've determined that it isn't the modem and we have ADSL connection. It's not our ISP having problems which is good.

He's done a virus scan on the computer and it's virus free. So it's not a virus doing it...and god help the person who writes a virus to block access to TCS.

So, if anyone has any ideas why this would happen, feel free to post. And I'm thinking I may be posting this in the wrong forum but I'm not 100% sure.
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Have your computer checked for hardware problems. I had a similiar problem awhile ago with certain sites and links. I think they said the problem was caused by a bad video card.
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I am glad you found out where it was coming from. I am also glad it wasn't an on site problem.
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I'm glad we've determined the source of the problem too!

We'll be performing a thorough hardware check and software check.

And if it's all clear, I'm going to get my fiancee to set up the entire network from scratch. AND, he will give me all the details so if there's any other problem in the future at least I can fiddle around with it.
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