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Someone sent Razpy a cat gym for Xmas..

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it took me 15 minutes to assemble it, and him 10 minutes to destroy it (or at least, remove all of the hanging toys..). Here is a small composition of it:

Razpy & the Cat Gym
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Patches said that is a cool gym for Razpy
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ROFLMAO I saw one of those at Walmart and thought....hey, I bet my cats could have that destroyed in about 10 minutes. Thank you Razpy for proving me right! LOL
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LMAO omg those pictures were hilarious

And I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your russians.. need more pics!
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Razpy just dispatched them at 3:25AM EST LOL
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That was a good laugh, especially with the phonetical spelling.
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too cute! Your kitties are gorgeous.
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OMG ROTFLMAO . Great shots of the destructions .
I can see Lily doing that in 10 minutes and with a little help from the others in about 3 minutes
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LOL! My cats would have made short work of that contraption as well. I always want to challange those who make cat toys to spend at least one afternoon with a few socialized feral cats, THEN make a toy that will entertain the ferals and one they can't destroy in under 10 minutes! THEN you will have a hit on your hands!
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My Humane society just moved into a new adoption clinic in the back of a Pet Store. I told the owner (she's an independent and her first store) that I would test out her cat toys and post labels on the bins with an official cat approval rating to help her sales. The first toy got a 4 paws-up rating (a kush type ball that disappeared within 1 hour). I will tell her NOT to buy this toy!!

I'm still getting a chuckle out of this gym!!
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Thank you Razpy for helping me not waste my money. I saw this at WalMart, but I know how Max is with string. Many a fishing toy has met its end.

I love to read Razpy's communiques.
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LOL That's soooo cute!
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This is hilarous! Made my day.
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roflmaotimesromnkstmc (you know the roflmao. here's the rest; tears in my eyes, snot running out my nose, kleenex stuck to my cheek)
Lucia hello

We bought Bentley one of those and he was wrecking it before I could even get it together. Never was able to put it together because he wouldn't leave it alone.

Your kitties are beautiful.
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That is absolutely hilarious!!! lol! Cindy W.
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Goodness, that's just too funny.
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The funny thing is that they did not take the frame apart at all!
Razpy just chewed off every string while the other cats sat and watched him. Now Yuri sits in the middle of it, like an open air teepee lol.

I'm working on a plan to reattach the toys. Right now, I attached some using large paper clips, but they don't seem to swing enough.
The frame could always just be glued together; the connections aren't that tight which is why it isn't hard to knock apart. It's the elastic string & razpy that is the challenge!
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That toy looked so cool in the first picture! It's too bad those hanging toys weren't fastened on better.
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The shot sequence was hilarious! Was going to buy this toy, but very glad I could see first hand testing of it first.
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