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My Kitties are Sick

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I took Sterling to the doctor friday. The vet said he has an upper respitory infection (A kitty cold). He got some medicine and is taking it well.
Now Berkley is sneezing and shaking her head and sniffling just like Sterling. And Sasha sneezed once or twice.

I hope they all get better and none of thier colds develop into something worse. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
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Bless your heart I know how it can be . I was treating last year 8 or 9 cats at the same time . No fun for sure .

I sure will say a prayer for your kitties
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Most sneezing cats have viruses so unfortunately there is no "magic pill". Things you can do at home to help are keeping their eyes & noses clean, encouraging them to eat (some cats won't eat if they can't smell their food - so you might try even adding a bit of juice from a can of tuna to their food) & when you take a shower, have them in the bathroom to "vaporise" them. Make sure you stay in touch with yoru vet, especially if they stop eating or become very inactive.
Deb E
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I'm sorry to hear it,hopefully your two who began sneezing won't be as affected as your kitty on antibiotics. That said (and of course follow your vet's advice), I have used echinacea (in a glycerin base, no alcohol, found at my favorite local health food store) *very* successfully with kitties I didn't want to see such symptoms progress in. Something to consider
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Bless their little hearts!!.
I will be saying a prayer for them Ginger, and i hope they get better soon.
Your babies are gorgeous by the way!!

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Thanks for all of your concerns. The cats are still sneezing up a storm but they are not shaking thier heads quite as much as last night. I am watching them closely.
The tuna I am feeding them seems to be doing the trick. All of them are eating it (with the medicine on it).
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