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Swelling after spaying

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I just got Midori spayed on Friday. She mostly layed around and kept to herself that evening and through until Saturday night, but yesterday and today she has began to act like her old self. She has been running around and playing, but the thing that worries me is he tummy is swollen where the stitches are. I first noticed it on Saturday. It looks like there is a lump just under the skin. It hasn't changed size and there is no redness and she doesn't seem to be sore at all. I am usually paranoid when it comes to her, so I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this when their cat was spayed, and if it is normal?
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I have. Rhiannon also developed a lump where her stitches were. I was worried so I took her back to the vet to have it checked. They told me it was just swollen from her being too active too soon after the surgery. Give your vet a call...Im sure they can tell you if its something that needs to be checked or not. Rhiannon's lump went a way after a few days.
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That happened to my foster just recently. I took her back to the vet and they told me that with the type of internal sutures they use, it often causes a hard lump to form for up to 30 days. Their advice was to continue checking it and if it is a soft lump, get her in immediately. I think a call to your vet is in order - much better safe than sorry!!
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blizzy, stormy, triny and lola all had a small lump were there stiches where. it went away after about three weeks. it is always best to call the vet just to be on the safe side.
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It's best to call your vet. Esper did develop a lump after 24 hours. The vet said to take her back in if it started to feel hot. I ended up taking her back anyway because she started to take out the stitches herself, 36 hours after the operation.
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Most likely, if your cat is acting fine, it is a swelling related to friction caused by the suture material rubbing if she is active. Sometimes you also get swelling as the sutures dissolve. Redness, any discharge, soreness are all warning signs of a problem.
You should at least give your vet a call to let them know you have noted the swelling. They may want to check it - usually at no fee.
Deb E
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Thank you all very much for your help. I called the vet and tey said I could bring her by and they would check her out, at no charge I was going to take her yesterday afternoon but the swelling had gone down a little and now today it is almost gone. I guess I was worried for nothing!
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Did you tell the vet surgery this?

It is good news.
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Yes, I called the vet back and let them know that the swelling was beginning to go down and they said that was good news. When I called them originally they didn't act like I really needed to bring her in. She said the swelling is sometimes caused by cats bng to active after the surgery. I was a little insistant and worried so she offered to let me bring her in to check her out so I would feel better about it. She did ask me if Dori felt warm, looked like she was feeling uncomfortable or if there was any discharge from the area though. I assume if she had those symptoms they would had me bring her right in.
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Yup, they would have insisted that you take Dori in if she displayed those symptoms.

But it sounds like she's recovering well. And before long running around as usual again.
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