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Our daily thread for Thursday August 2nd

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I just finished cleaning the house and sat by the computer. I don't think I'll get a lot of work done today. Hubby's niece is here visiting and she'll be spending the afternoon with us. She's a very nice 10 years old girl and I enjoy having her around. Yesterday we went to the beach together and had lots of fun! The water is really warm this time of year (30 degrees centigrade) and this beach is very clean and not crowded. There are even no jellyfish around for some reason! We stayed in the water for 2 hours untill it was almost dark...

We'll probably go to climb a local hill this afternoon. I just hope it won't be too hot. If it is we may go to a nearby site of Roman baths which has a lovely stream and a long dark tunnel you can walk in! It's all beautifully reconstructed with a wonderful garden of traditional biblical plants and trees.

Tomorow we are having a major ultra sound scan to check for any problems with the fetus. I am a bit nervous about it. I just hope everthing is okay and there are no deformities or medical problems! We'll also know if it's a boy or a girl!

Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it went tomorow.
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oooooh Anne, I wish was going to see the Roman baths, and climb a mountain (though I probably wouldn't make it )
I get to walk to the food van at lunchtime so I can go on my lunch break! - how exciting!!, and then,.. wait for it.....I get to walk to the BUS STOP!!! whhoooooohoooo (I really should'nt be so sarcastic :laughing: )

Make sure you don't overdo it Anne - climbing all those mountains! And Best wishes for the ultra sound!! - Hope all goes well!
Let us know won't you dear?!

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I'm about to finish work in a while and then I'll be going out to meet a friend who is leaving for Hungary for four years.
*sighs* All of my friends seem to be leaving for somewhere:whining:
After that I'll probably meet two of my best friends who have just come from Germany and are going back next week.
It is so hard for me to think about this and everytime I do it I'm on the verge of tears. Two of my other best friends live in the U.S. and not being able to see them really drives me insane.
After all these meetings I'm going home to my furface and if I have the time I'll make my boyfriend dye my hair. If I'm too tired I'll jump straight into bed just as your day (well, at least most of you's) is starting!
Love you always!
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Oh don't cry Billie Love!! We're not going anywhere!! (or if we do, we always come back!! hee hee)

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Anne - It sounds like you have a wonderful day planned. It must be so nice to live in a place where you have so many options on things to do. Since I live in a big city in the middle of Texas, there's not much to do in the way of nature. Unless you like 100 degree heat and dust. It's so dry here that we're starting to have fires along the highways again. I'd love to go hike a hill or go to the Roman baths. Sigh...

Today I get to clean everything that I didn't get to yesterday, which is just about everything. I ended up spending most of yesterday just getting the grocery shopping done. It takes a long time to make up the list and do the coupons. I tried shopping at the new Super Target, and their prices are just wonderful.

On a sadder note, two of the kittens are going to their new homes today. They're one day away from 8 weeks old, and the new owners want to make sure they have them for a long weekend before going to work and leaving them alone. The other two will be going tomorrow. I'm thrilled about their new homes though. One guy is the man who worked on my air conditioner, a strong Christian. Another is my best friends sister in law, so I'll be able to keep tabs on the baby. And the two that are going today are going to the same home, so they won't be as lonely. And of course, Puffy is staying with us.

Anne - be sure to tell us the results of your ultrasound tomorrow. I hope the baby cooperates and "shows all" so you can know if its a boy or girl.
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I would love to see the roman baths!

Anne, I may just have to take you up on a visit someday, it sounds absolutly wonderful. How long of a flight was it for Alpha to get to NY? I flew to Korea once & it was 13 and a half hours from L.A (which is a 6 hour flight from where I live!) and I don't want to repeat that. It was over 24 hours of traveling. not fun.

It's been a busy week for me. Monday I didn't get out of work until 9:30pm, tuesday we were required to all go to a baseball game & dinner to 'bond' and I didn't get home until 1 am, last night I had to run the errands that I haven't had time to do, and tonight I have to go to dinner with clients and then off to see thier artist perform. it's a mandatory thing so I can't get out it. going to be another late night because it's at a club in DC. tomorrow I'm driving to westpoint NY after work for the weekend, and won't get there until 9. THEN I will be able to relax. at least until the 5 hour drive home on sunday.

I wish I could just go home tonight, curl up in bed & watch BB2. sigh.

everyone have a great day!
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Anne it sure sounds like a beautifull place where you live.My best wishes on the ultra sound. I am not sure what I will be doing today. Getting off this cp is not easy at times. I should be going up and working on a painting for the art show I am in on Mon.. Not that much left to finish. Cant get in the mood. Just kinda a blah day. Its been so hot but not as hot as where you are Dawn. Thats unbelievable!

And I know you will miss your babies. It would be so hard to give them up.

Billie sorry to hear your friends are moving so far. That is not easy I am sure.

Bodlover enjoy your day and your lunch

Airprincess sounds like you are burning the candle at both ends. Take care .
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Thanks Elinor!! I did enjoy my lunch!! (kinda, poxy diet food...) :LOL: and now its only 2 hours till I can go home!! hooraah!! Hope you all had/ are having a great day!!

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