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Ahhhhhhh, Worms!!!

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ok, i need some opinions please.

i've just seen worms in milo's ....ummm...daily litter offerings...anyway, i should probably call the vet for some worm medicine, but i just wanted opinions on the wormer you can buy at the store.

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Never and I mean Never use the over the counter stuff - I have heard too many horror stories.

Please call the vet the can prescibe the right kind with the best dosage for your baby!
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Please don't buy wormer over the counter- most of them are ineffective and some are even toxic and can kill your cat. Get a fecal to the vet and have the vet tell you what type of worms they are and get the medicine from the vet.
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thanks for the quick replys Helen and Hissy!
don't want to give my sweeties anything dangerous!
i don't understand why companies are able to sell stuff that is so dangerous for our pets...it's very disturbing
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I dont even think you can buy tapeworm dewormer at the store I've looked for some for Prego but only find hookwork/ringworm dewormer.

My vet has also told me before that tapeworms dont always show up in fecals (I dont know why) but more like, you see them, and describe them to the vet and they'll give you a drontal tablet for the cat.
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just wanted to give an update,
i called the vet and he gave me drontal plus for milo, so that should work well, because i think he had tape and round worms.

but he sure did't want it (had to give him 1 1/2 pills!!

i lost a little skin but got them down him...with a bit of butter!!

edited, because i got the meds name wrong!!
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Oh I know its hard. lol. It took me 5 tries to get Zoey to take a drontal pill

I'm sure it will clear his worms right up. Did they also give you another dose for 2 weeks later? They usually do that to make sure they get rid of them.
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Hi stormy,

I'm glad to hear that you were able to get meds for your kitty. Medicating a cat can be tricky at times. I'll provide a link to a thread with suggestions in case Milo figures out it's not just butter he's swallowing.

How to Medicate a Cat Thread

I hope the worms clear up soon.
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nope, they didn't give me a second dose...guess i'll have to call again and ask about a second dose.

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