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Great Sale At Kohl's LOL

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I was wrapping Xmas gifts yesterday and look at my silly! I'm sure others do this too. LOL!
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This will be my first Christmas wrapping presents with my cats so we'll see what happens
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I learned the hard way with my boys. I can't wrap gifts till last minute! They play with the bows and ribbon and end up tearing the paper right off the gift. I guess they're looking for theirs!!
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We decorated our tree so that there are no dangly ornaments within cat reach

Every year when we pull out the tree one or all of the cats hop in the box
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Oh yes , I have seen that at my house . How cute is that . I only wrap presents in the computer room where no cats are alowed , to much paper work from my hubby there .
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Oh yeah! I learned that the hard way a couple months ago! A friend asked me to wrap some prizes for a baby shower we were hosting.

As I started to wrap the prizes, the cats kept jumping on the paper, wriggling around like they were trying to find a mouse or a bug. I kept pushing them off, pushing them off, pushing them off then finally i threw a big wadded ball of paper into another room for them to play. As they ran off to chase the paper, I hurrid and wrapped the prizes. That was the FASTEST I ever wrapped something! HEHE.. THEN a while ago, i caught Spike biting/gnawing on a prize. GRRR (Spike LIKES to gnaw at wood, cardboard and papers).

So at the baby shower, the lady who won the prize which Spike had gnawed at started unwrapping the prize and i told her (she adopted two kittens from me a while ago) that Spike left a love bite on her prize for her.
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Mittens helps hold down the paper and he likes to leave his mark on the presents, by leaving teeth marks on the bows
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usually our tree is knocked over at LEAST three times, but it hasn't fallen so far. my 3 cats usually tag team the tree, i wonder if they're planning some kind of grand fiasco...?
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Shoot! I missed that sale.
He's priceless.
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Gotta love those cats and their insatiable curiosity. They never fail to amaze me how much trouble they get into just because they HAVE to see, hear, smell, taste, kick, punch, touch, claw, etc... everything.
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I didn't put up a tree this year because I was worried my 2 little ones would knock it over. I'm gonna try for next year though.
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