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Microsoft update - "Keen Value"

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The last time I updated Windows XP, something called "Keen Value" with really stupid pop-ups, which my pop-up blocker wasn't stopping, was installed. I've managed to deinstall it, but am really upset with Microsoft, particularly because I had to go online to get rid of the "Mist" (bad German word), the pop-ups sometimes cut off my AOL (DSL) connection, and I downloaded it as a "security patch"! Has anybody else had the same problem? I don't use the automatic updates, because every time I used to, my computer crashed the next time I turned it on. Now I only put myself through that every 3 months. I have to use Windows because of work. Do you think a nasty email will have any impact?
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Yes, I found KeenValue on my computer. I did an uninstall, but I'm still noticing some problems. I have a pop up stopper, and it sort of stops the pop ups from coming up all the way, but it still messes with things. I'm thinking there is some other unwanted program on my computer as well.
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I have Windows XP and I regularly do the updates. Though I read what I'm getting before downloading them. Some updates do more harm than good and I call them predates.

Anyhow, I haven't come across Keen Value or KeenValue in any of my updates. Have you asked Microsoft about it? Someone could have hacked into Microsoft, (yet again), and implanted in their system.
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KeenValue isn't from Microsoft.

"Spyware" and "Adware" applications install themselves when you visit certain Web sites or click on the wrong link. They are often installed when people load "free" software like screensavers, download utilities, free games, file-sharing utilities and other "cool, free stuff." They can also be similar to viruses.

The best way to protect yourself is to:

1. Don't download freeware applications unless they are from a known and trusted source. Read their terms-of-use and look for software reviews on Google and CNET. Even popular programs sometimes include these popup "AD-ware" programs.
2. Do USE Windows Update to protect against bugs and security holes.
3. Download FREE, trusted anti-spyware and anti-adware tools like ADAWARE 6.0 and SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY. There are free versions of both (they also sell paid versions).

(note: "ADware" is advertising software. "ADAware" is the name of the anti-adware software.)

Software can be found HERE:
http://www.lavasoftusa.com/ (Go to download section)


4. Get Norton Antivirus and stay up-to-date on your antivirus subscriptions. Enable auto-protect. This is A MUST!!!!

5. Don't click on unknown e-mail attachments, and be careful about what Web sites you visit. If you're visiting a Web site and you get a dialog box that asks if it's OK to download something to your computer, always say NO unless you are purposefully requesting the software and are 100% positive what it is.

If you do these things, particularly using Adaware and Spybot Search and Destroy, it will go a long way to removing and blocking unwanted programs.
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Yep - I am working on my mom's computer and as soon as I entered TCS I got a pop-up for a casino There's definitely a lot of spyware sitting on this pc... one of them trigerring the pop-up - it sure isn't coming from TCS!

Scott is 100% right - be careful of freebies that can get the wrong kind of software onto your pc without you even knowing it. Keen Value sure sounds like some sort of spyware Microsoft can be blamed for a lot of things - but this just isn't one of them...
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Thank you, Scott and Anne, for the info. I just downloaded Adaware and Spybot. Luckily I hadn't sent the nasty email to Microsoft before checking back here. Hmm - I haven't downloaded anything for a week except the Microsoft updates and AOL's virus updates (Microsoft on Dec. 13/14 [it was midnight], and AOL on Dec. 14, and the "Keen Value" was installed on Dec. 14. I guess I'd better think about what sites I visited: NY Times, CNN, Animal Planet, TCS, Best For Dogs (a pet food shop). None of them seem suspicious. Maybe an attachment to the "Clark for President" newsletter? (Only kidding.)What made me think it was Microsoft was that it was right in the middle of the list of updates in the software list, and I'm pretty sure it said "Microsoft - Keen Value" or "MS - Keen Value", and the pop-ups were "coming through" Internet Explorer, which has only ever been activated when I update Windows. Do you think I'd better inform Microsoft? The other updates were MS + numbers, and AOL was at the end of the list. Sorry, I don't know much about computers. Thanks again for the advice.
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I wouldn't worry about it. Microsoft won't do anything.

I surf regular sites and I get this stuff all of the time. It's unavoidable.

Basically, the adware (also known as scumware, spyware and malware) can lurk inside your system and reinstall itself. Sometimes you'll visit a Web site by typing in the wrong URL "tjecatsite" instead of "thecatsite" and they take you to one of those "search" web pages, which installs the stuff in the background. Legitimate companies will also have these adware programs attached to their software: they bury the references in their README files, which no one ever reads. For example, Spybot identified part of the eBay toolbar as being spyware.

It's almost impossible to know where it came from, but generally, you get it from Web pages, free software, or file-sharing utilities.

Adaware 6.0 has a paid version which will stay "on" constantly, trying to block such installations. The free version lets you run it after the fact, cleaning your system after stuff already was installed.

The reason to use both programs is that they both have reference files which will catch things the other program didn't.

Sorry, but there's no easy fix. This is one of the downsides of the Internet.

Run those programs and see how much they turn up - you'll be surprised.
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I was looking through my Add/Remove Programs Options and I saw "Computer Freeze Ups" and stuff, I get so angry at this spyware and stuff....
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I had that problem too and posted on the Zone Alarm forums. Someone sent me a pop up blocker that gets rid of the microsoft pesk forever. I'll have to see if I can find it.
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