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Male cats

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I have realized that there is no info. on male cats going into heat (I don't know if "heating" is a right word for male cats). I know how it happens in females, but don't know it for males. Do the males have a heating cycle or are they always ready to mate once they sexually mature ?..Is there anything like male cats masturbating with toys etc. when they aren't allowed to mate ?
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Whole males don't have any schedule. Male cats will mate any female that is(or sometimes isn't) in season. All male cats are different. Some are a little more sexually active than others. Some will only mate when females are in season, while others will find objects like socks and other cats of even the same sex. There is even the occasional neutered male who still has a fair level of testosterone. They even exibit some sexual behavior.
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Sandie after reading your post I have a question. You said some males will mate a female not in heat. Will this female get pregnant if she is not in heat? That is if the two cats are not altered. I was just wondering.
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Females who are not in heat won't get pregnant. The egg has to be there waiting to drop and be fertalized. However, it is VERY rare that a female not in heat will let a male near her. She will beat him to death if he tries. This is not to say that he wont make his best effort.
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