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Need advice about litter problem

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My old, old cat Lucky has been missing the litter box when he urinates. He is in the box, but near the corner, so he thinks he's inside and it goes outside. I have the largest litter box they make. Any other ideas? He doesn't do it always. He is healthy right now, eating, sleeping, drinking, active. I just think his "aim"
is a bit off sometimes.
Any ideas would be appreciated. I have the box in a shower stall, so it is easy to clean up.

Mary Fran
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Hmmm - do the his age I would still have him checked out just in case.

If he checks out Ok - try a covered box.
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It sounds like he needs a higher side. They make boxes with a snap on lip that will keep his aim inside, where it belongs. You can try a covered box,but most of my cats refused to even go inside.

I also seem to remember someone on the board using a large plastic sweater box. It had sides that were 12" high.
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A lot of us use those large Rubbermaid storage bins without the lid for our high pee'ers. $5 at walmart
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I thought about getting a higher box, but I'm afraid he won't be able to jump in it--he's very arthritic. I think that's why he doesn't squat in the box--he has a hard time sitting. He sort of leans forward and never sits straight up. He's 15+ and I just rescued him.
I have been doctoring him so I know he's okay. He hits the box--it only happens every once in a while. I may try an under the bed box--
it may be long enough!!

Mary Fran
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Please although you feel your cat is healthy, please take him to the vet to be checked. Oftentimes the missing of the box is because of an underlying health issue. Then if he checks out with no stones, infections or hyperthyroidism or other issues, approach the problem in a different direction.
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Please do get him checked out!

I don't want to alarm you but cats who pee on smooth surfaces tend to almost always have a medical problem.
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My cat did the same thing, although she pooped up the wall & also inside the litter box at the same time..

I took her to the vet and nothing was wrong with her.. I was told to wipe a little bit of pepper up the wall, i did & she has not done it Since.. I see her sniff the wall occassionally but now she never misses..

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If he checks out OK at the vet, perhaps you could try one of those large Rubbermaid bins, and cut down part of the front wall nice & low for an entrance? Try putting newspaper around the entrance too, to catch 'spills' for easy cleanup.

Or put the litterbox inside a very large shallow pan or box, with a nice low side, and line the pan with newspaper? That might be easier to clean.
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My covered litter boxes have tall sides on the bottom and a lowered entrance at the front. If he doesn't like the cover, you can use the bottom of it without the top, still have high walls and he can get in and out.
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He's probably having the problem because the arthritis keeps him from squatting low enough not to aim ou tof the box. I like tuxedokittie's idea of putting the box inside another box. Also, you can get puppy training pads and place them around the box. They will soak up the urine and then you simply throw them away!

Have you tried glucosamine (I think that's what it is called) with your old kitty?
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There are also some things the vet can recommend to help arthritis in cats - they can't take anti-inflammatories like dogs and people can, but there are dietary supplements like Cosequin (a name brand of the glucosamine that lotsocats mentioned) for cats, and things like electroacupuncture (acupuncture with a laser - no needles are involved) that can really help - I saw a huge improvement in an older cat of mine with Cosequin.

comfort tips for older cat
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I have tried glucosamine, but it gave him bad diarrhea!! Yuk. He was in bad shape when I got him, but he's finally come around. He isn't sleeping as much and he's more vocal. He's eating well and has gained some weight. I finally got his stools to be normal too.
He and my other cat are much better together. They were even on the bed together the other day--with no fur flying!!!
I like the idea of the pads--I'll try those. Also the box in a box might work. He doesn't do it all the time, and I do have the box in a shower stall in my spare bathroom--it's easy to clean. So I guess I shouldn't complain.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I hope everyone has a happy holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Mary Fran
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I had a cat with a problem missing the litter box, turns out he had crystals in his bladder. Please take your cat to the vet just to make sure. The condition can be life threatening.
After he was treated, his urinating habits returned to normal.
Good luck and be patient
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