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A question

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Just wondered if any one else has a cat with claws that are always just peeking out. When Chewy is resing on my lap, I can feel his claws even tho he isn't neading.dud question?
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Yup that's my Loki !!!
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I love Em's little claws. When he is sleeping or on my lap I see the little white tips peaking out. I trim his nails regularly and even so there they are.
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Ferdy's claws do that - he doesn't scratch or anything so it doesn't bother me - and they don't get in his was so they don't bother him either!!

As for the persians' claws sticking out? I dunno coz there is too much fur to be able to see them!!!
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I can see and feel Rosies claws ok!!!.
She gets her yearly 'manicure' when i take her for her boosters.
I tried to do them myself, but it ended up where not only was Rosie getting stressed over it, but it was stressing me seeing her stressed!!!.

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