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Dilemma.. need solution quick...

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Hey guys... i've got a dilemma... this is the situation.. would appreciate if all of you give me some opinions..

as all of you know, I have got a free movie ticket to watch LOTR part 3 and it's gonna be on the 17th of dec.. wed... it's something which i have watched the first two instalments with my ex.. not that i'm crazy over it, but i do believe in catching the ending but yet it will bring back memories and some guy which i have a crush on will be there too... now, here comes the knotty part.. i've just got a mail from my cat welfare society operations side volunteer that they will be meeting up with the merchandiser and they will be talking abt future merchandise and she would like me to be there.. she's hoping for me to do more in the operations, rescue, events organising and eventually mediation... now i really wish to go... but yet i am stuck in between the movie and the meeting... which one should i go???

would appreciate if you guys help me out on this
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This is just my opinion.

I don't watch a movie unless I am going to enjoy it for what it is. Give the ticket to a friend who you know who will enjoy it and go to the meeting.

Then at some later date, go to see the LOTR with a group of friends. That way you can watch the movie and enjoy it.
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Well, Kate, it's a question of priorities I guess. Which of the two is more important to your peace of mind? Which of the two is the one you will regret most if you don't go? Well, that is the way I would look at it. Hope I helped!
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ok guys.. i've made a choice... i've chosen to go help out at the volunteer group.. i think the kitties need me more..
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Good choice - though I wouldn't have blamed you if you went to the movie instead like Yayi said it's a question of priorities and if you were an avid LOTR fan, I could understand if you absoultely see the movie as soon as it's out, free ticket or not.

By the way, did you know that the Cat Welfarfe Society of Singapore shares its name with the Cat Welfare Society of Israel. The head of the CWSI told me this long time ago. She told me that she met her Singaporian counterparts at international conventions and that as far as she knows these are the only two organizations that share that name
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Wow, I wish there were a Cat Welfare Society Philippines! Cats are not popular pets here. Well, that's what I observed anyway.
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When I have a dilemma like that I sort it out this way:
Which one will always be there or will be there later, and which one will not. Then you know that you can't miss the one that's only going to happen once over something that's going to be there for awhile...get it? I hope I explained that right.
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Hey, guess what??? I have the best of both worlds now! The meeting has to be postponed to thursday cos the merchandiser has something that cropped up... so i get to go for the movie on wed and the meeting on thurs! WoooooHooooo!!!
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