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Funny! I was cleaning the house and I found...

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I was cleaning and I found the box rich brough granet and marble home in. On the box he wrote one good kitten and one bad kitten. Marble was friendly but granet bit him HARD (he had to go to the doc and get meds) I just thought it was so funny. I wanted to hold granet as soon as I saw him but he need alot of work!
Have you ever been cleaning and found something that you totally forgot about?
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That's cool! I bet that brought a big smile to your face!

I know that has happened to me before but I can't think of the details right now! I'm in ready for bed mode!

BTW, I got the package yesterday. Thanks! I have a feeling they're going to love the kirby sticks (I think that's what you call them.)
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How Neat Val!

I love that feeling when you find a precious thing like that!
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I sometimes find some things that I have forgotten about when I am looking for something else or tidying up in the strorage room. It´s funny when I find something thats useless, like a box from something, but it brings nice memories and smile to my face, so I end up keeping it in the storage room, just to find it later and have another smile...
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Whenever I put something in a "safe place", I can't find it until I'm looking for something else. Every winter, I also find stuff in coat pockets, that I put there the winter before. Usually, its a lipstick or a Bic lighter but, one year I found a $20 bill.
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Cindy, I know your problem
I am having one of those problems now. Before last Christmas I bought a very nice thing for my friend. After Christmas those were on sale, and as I liked it so much, I bought another for another friend that lives in the UK. I figured if would be so nice, now I have her present, and would be able to send it off early...Well, its allready the 15th and I cant find it anywhere I guess I´ll be buying something else for her... I´m sure I´ll find if after Christmas when I put my Christmas decorations to storage
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Awwww, that was a nice find! Just this weekend, I was cleaning out my office, and found a polariod shot of Mozart when he was a teeny baby! What a surprise, and a great memory. I have many Mozart baby pics, but it was just so unexpectedly pleasant!
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LOL! Val that is TOO Cute! I have found things from the past around here, too. (Precious memories, I guess)
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