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My dad found my old doll house!! (pics)

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How cute is it!! It's from 1978 and its Fisher Price. He's had it in the garage. I couldnt resist I took it home and set it up LOL

I thought about selling it on ebay but I cant bear to part with it.

I LOVE the retro kitchen table
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I think I spy a 'glamour gal' in there!
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That is awesome! I had a victorian dolls house, with all the victorian furniture, etc. I dont think I have it anymore LOL.
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Originally posted by airprincess
I think I spy a 'glamour gal' in there!
Is that what they are?? The two girls didnt come with it, I must have gotten those later. But the man and wife and baby are original.
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as best I can tell, yes they are glamour gals. I had a whole bunch of them. they were like teenie-weenie carrie bradshaws they came with red, blonde or brown hair, perfect little bodies. painted on high heels and over the top girly clothing.
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What a Dollhouse!!
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great.. everybody's in the house now... we just need a little kitten...
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Glamour gals.. that's hilarious!! They do have painted on shoes

Originally posted by kateang
great.. everybody's in the house now... we just need a little kitten...
OOOO that's what I'm missing!
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that is a awsome doll house Sicy, looks like it is in really good condition, i would hang on to that, even though it is probably worth a few bucks thanks for sharing with us
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I found a kitty!!

And I am helping this poor lady with her sick cat.

She had posted on ebay that her cat needed surgery and she was trying to raise money for him. He has a tumor or something. Poor guy. I wish I could send her a donation but I am too broke.
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Wow, this is a great house! I would have loved to have a house like that...
My dad made me a house, since he is a carpender, and it´s still in my parents attick. It was a very nice house, with stairs, balcony, nice windows and curtains...I even had different carpets on the floors (from carper testers ). The only thing was, that my dad didn´t realize how big the Barbies were, so they couldnt stand in their house (except in the stairway ), and their furniture wouldnt have fitted very well
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Oh I've always wanted a doll house but I never had one!

That's a great one! And the retro table and chairs.... I had one just like that until I moved to Utah from Michigan. I decided I wasn't going to haul it the 1878 miles and now I'm sorry I didn't! Love it!
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Gotta love those polka dotted drapes! LOL What fun sicy and how wonderful your dad hung on to it for you.
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one word for you.......AWESOME!!!
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I think my dad made those drapes
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That's a cute doll house Sicy. It also looks like a great photoshop prop for "Attack of the 50 Foot Kitties" (hint hint )
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You are so lucky Sicy! I agree with you that it is too valuable to sell!
Wish my parents kept the dollhouse they bought me, but we were always travelling and one day it disappeared or given away (don't remember)
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I think you should keep the doll house Sicy. It's a piece of your childhood. How I wish I still had some of my childhood toys, but unfortunately, I was the kind of kid who broke her toys, because I was a both hyper and klutzy kid. The only things I ever took care of were my My Little Pony's, and I was an older child when I got those. Sadly I sold my collection a few years ago, and you don't know how sorry I am now, that I did.
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