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hey everyone i got a q

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hey everyone i havn't been on here in quite some time but here i am now that i have a question to ask, lol.

I have a 2 year old female cat, she is reall spoiled and i was thinking about buying her a kitten cause she is kinda lonely.
anyway i wanted to know if there was a downside to this since she is 2 years old and all, but i mean i've seen cases where people have cats with age difference between the cats, anyways can you guys give me a brief layout thtough all this

EDIT:BTW my cat is a female

p.s. I know I didn't capitilize my I's
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Have you thought about rescuing an older cat from a shelter? Maybe one that's close to your kittie's age?

From what I've heard some cats are loners & don't like other cats if they've never been around them before. But on the other hand, some cats do great with another kitty in the picture. It really just depends on the personality of the kitty.

When I first got Echo, my other kitty (she's now at the Bridge) didn't like her at all. But Mimi was much older than your's (I believe she was almost 10 at the time). After a couple of years, she grew to love each other. Unfortunately, they were only buddies for a short while & then Mimi passed. Since then, I rescued a kitty named Tiki & Echo just loves her. So it is possible, but it just depends on the kitty.

Good luck!
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Well, Socks is nine and hated other cats, until fate brought Sadie home. They fought for a while and they don't really get along, but she didn't flip out and *gasp*, Socks (who was overweight) has lost some weight from chasing the kitten around. Sadie's been good for her... having a kitten around makes her exercise her brain as well as her body. For instance, today she was "teaching" Sadie how to knock the treats off the shelf with enough strength to make them fall out of the bag.

Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong. I didn't have much choice whether or not to bring Sadie home, but if I were faced with the same predicament again, I would not have to think for a second about it.

Perhaps you could adopt a kitty from a shelter.
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Well, I too got a second cat. Russell was roughly 11 months old when I brought home Esper who was approximately 4 months old. And luckily I was already a member here so I had a lot of information and ideas to try.

I'll provide the link to the article here for you. It's called "I'd like you to Meet...Introducing Cats" written by Mary Anne Miller aka hissy. It has Part 1 and 2. I've linked to Part 1 only and there is a link provided at the end leading to Part 2.

I'd like you to meet...Introducing Cats By Mary Anne Miller

My two did a lot of hissing and running around. But they get along now and are putting together a growing list of "How to Animate Your Humans". They get up to all sorts of capers together. Latest one is guarding the fish tank.
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My cat, Peaches, was 5 years old when I brought home two new full grown cats. It was rough for awhile but after about 3-4 months Peaches finally adjusted. Sometimes I think it's easier if it is a kitten you bring home, to be honest. But I suppose it could be a crap shoot!
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Hmmm, I got a second cat, then a 3rd, a 4th and so one. Now, I went so far as to get a real bobcat. Now I have 8 cats total, the oldest at 17 1/2 and Amber at 6 months. They all get along fine, but sometimes it just takes awhile for them to settle down. I have gotten kittens and even adopted one that was 10 years old. Yes, they had there hissy fits, but eventually they all got along fine. So sure, get a second kitty. Hmmm, you may even go for a 4th and so on
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