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trading spaces- Hedi should be fired!

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Yo! I watch Trading Spaces alll the time. I was wondering if any of u have watched the new episode from last nite????

I was so APPALLED at Hedi's inconsideration of the owners' wants and needs for the room. She decorated the WHOLE ROOM IN CARDBOARD!!! Seriously! The walls and the ceiling are covered in cardboard and what's worse, she had them use LIQUID NAILS which is very very very difficult to remove from the walls!!!

She also took out all the furniture and had coffee table, 2 chairs, a small table all made out of cardboard. The only "real good thing" was the bed which was made from scratch by Ty (the carpenter).

I have never liked Hedi (after I saw some of her episodes such as covering a bathroom walls with fake flowers, walls with old, black and big discs from music, wine labels in a kitchen) but I couldn't believe her last nite. She kept saying how COOL and how they'd like it so much. Well, the lady was MAD. She told the other couple that they better help fixing the room if they wanted to continue being friends. OUCH!

Would love ur input/opinion on this.
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I've been a trading spaces lover since the very first show, but lately they've been pushing their limits when it comes to design. Hildi's odd concoctions are too much for everyday people. I would be totally ticked if my room was done up in cardboard! Did anyone watch last weeks episode with her? Three solid walls were done with FEATHERS! got it right...feathers! She just poured hot glue on the wall & slapped em' up there.

I don't know if she deserves to be fired, but I do think they need to calm her ideas down a bit. Maybe they should give her a leave of absence for a few months & start using the ones that you don't see much of lately (Vern, Genieve or even Doug...I personally don't like him much!).
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Same here- I LOVE Trading Spaces ever since it started being closed captioned (which was about a year ago or so). I do agree with u- some of the creations were too much and YES, I saw that episode with hedi decorating a bedroom with FEATHERs. That was EXTREMELY tacky. I also don't like her being hmmm EGOSTICAL.. She actually had two homeowners paint a MURAL of her face.. Another time, she blew up a BIG pic of her legs and put it in a room and I felt that was really inappropriate to put personal stuff relating to the decorator into the room like Hedi did.

I do LIKE Vern, Laurie, Genieve, AND Frank. (Frank is my fav cuz he's so funny, friendly and kinda reminds me of my dad.. I also like Genieve-she's funny and seems to really care about the homeowners-their wants and needs)

I think Hedi is doing this on purpose- to be as outrageous as possible because that's what makes her more well-known. U know?? What do u think, Shell?

Also what do u think of the new decorator- Barry? I think he's HOT!! LOVE his smile. ALSO about the new carpenter- Carter?? He's GORGEOUS...

U can tell I DROOL over these two guys whenever I watch Trading Spaces!
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You've got a point there. She does seem to think pretty highly of herself when it comes to her work & hanging pictures of herself those rooms. That's just creepy! But like you said, if it's off the wall people will watch & in return makes her more popular. I do think it will hinder some people for wanting to do the trading spaces thing. I would be deathly scared that I'd get Hildi or Doug...and that would not be a pretty thing!

I do love Frankie! He just seems so friendly & so sweet! I do like Vern second best & then Laurie comes in third. I must have missed the new designer...I didn't realize that they had another new one besides Edward & Kia. Oooo...Carter! Oh yeah...that boy is a hottie! But I still love Ty! He's just so dang funny!
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WHOAAAAAAAA!!!!! I just checked Trading Spaces website out and there's a forum where people can post their opinions about the show. Here's what one person had to say about Hedi.. (It's CLEAN.. I promise. )

Also, FYI, I read somewhere that Frank donated his time to decorate a room PURELY for cats.. I'll have ot see if I can find that article. So HE's a cat lover (I'm assuming!)...

Barry is CUTE but some of his ideas are a bit too modern for my tastes.

I wouldn't volunteer to be on Trading Spaces until Hedi ever leaves. Doug is okay.... Yeah, I like Ty too- sometimes I have a hard time telling if he's teasing or is mad (I can't hear his voice tone which would let u know if he was teasing or mad?)...
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Just got done drooling over the hotties on Trading Spaces! weren't kidding about Barry! Now that I've seen his picture, he does look familiar so I might have seen one his shows. Looks like there is all sorts of new people on there! If thats the case, Hildi should sit a few out!

Love the message board poster who ripped Hildi! It's the truth!
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I;ve never watching Trading Spaces. But, I do watch HGTV and you all might like Design on a Dime. They do some really good projects similar to Trading Spaces.
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here's another comment about Hedi..
"According to the small local newspaper in Boyertown, the HOs already redid that horrid room. The newspaper did yellow and the room didn't fit with the rest of the house.

Also, the Jersey shore episode Hildi did has been redone. (Remember the black paint appliances?) The HO had to buy all new appliances.

When will Hildi be stopped? Maybe we could redone her house in something - oh I don't know - something like sand walls with seaweed for lampshades and floors made from driftwood - unsanded so that it would be a wonderful texture on the feet!!! (Remember her concrete tile backing for floors?) I think she deserves as good as she gets.

I miss Vern!!!!" That was from

So this shows that MOST of the homeowners who had hedi have redone their rooms... Isn't that a big warning sign for this show about Hedi???
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I used to be a Trading Spaces junkie, but I haven't watched it much since they've brought in so many new designers. And IMO, what's the point if you don't have a 50/50 chance of watching Ty? LOL!

I remember one episode where Hilde glued straw to the walls of a couple's family room. The homeowners had two SMALL children, I believe both under 3 years old. The neighbors working with Hilde tried to explain what the kids would do with walls full of straw, and her response was 'Well, they'll just have to tell them to leave it alone.' (Or words to that effect.) The neighbors were much nicer than I would have been - one of them just said 'It's obvious you don't have children.'

I always love Frank's rooms - he seems to genuinely care about making the room fit the homeowners. And I think Lauri designs beautiful rooms. I too would be slightly afraid to have Doug do a room, mainly because I think he sometimes doesn't seem to care if the room is very practical for the family. I do think he is a very good designer, though - I think his rooms are always attractive, just sometimes not really what someone would want.

Hilde on the other hand - I think she tries to be as over-the-top as possible, just to do it. Doug's over-the-top ideas usually turn out pretty well - she seems to do hers for shock value only.
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Hilde is over the top. I saw the flowered bathroom, the feathered bedroom, and the kitchen appliances ruined with black spray paint. Yuck! I missed last night's episode with the cardboard, but saw the commercial for it.

Have you seen the clip where she mentions that in her house, all the walls are white???? I am afraid that her bizarre rooms transformations are a ratings grabber now.

Both TS and TS Family were in Tampa last week. The shows will air in Feb. or March. On the Family version, I hear the families actually had rooms on their boats redesigned.
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I love the show and watch it when I can , also I love watching While you where out . But Hilda is the worse designer they found . I cant stand that woman . She is just to extreem for my taste , I also was watching the show with the cardboards I got sick watching that eeewwww . And the color she used with the cardboard . Gosh , does that woman have any taste ? When they show that episode with the flowers I had to flip the chanel , I just could not watch that . As a house owner I would ripp that hole stuff back out . She is just tasteless IMO .
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I guess 'trading spaces' is like 'changing rooms' here. Two families or friends swap rooms and decorate for each other with the help of designers. Cardboard walls sound awful, I hope they make her put all back like it was!!
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Have you seen the clip where she mentions that in her house, all the walls are white???? I am afraid that her bizarre rooms transformations are a ratings grabber now.
I agree with that- she's doing this for attention..

I guess 'trading spaces' is like 'changing rooms' here. Two families or friends swap rooms and decorate for each other with the help of designers. Cardboard walls sound awful, I hope they make her put all back like it was!!
NOPE, that is NOT in the contract- having the designer put things back. The homeowners have to do that themselves OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS.

"I read a post from one of the homeowners that included in your contract is the provision that if you refuse to complete the project/show, they will charge you for the cost of that show's production, which is in the tens of thousands of dollars. Even if you don't have the money, they could file a lien against your property and cause you lots of legal problems."

So you see- if they refuse to do it, they will be charged TONS of money..
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I used to watch this show all the time and loved it! But I don't have cable TV anymore. I'm a little confused though. Is Hildi and Hedi the same person? Someone said something about Hedi doing the cardboard thing but when I went to the website it talks about Hildi doing the cardboard room.
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Does anyone remember the episode when she glued dark brown felt to the walls of a dining room? The homeowners said the room was too dark and they wanted it lightened up.

The couple that was helping Hildi asked if she had bought a jumbo lint brush for the HO, as they had 3 cats and it would turn into a big hairball. Just imagine the hair that stuck to that dark brown felt!?!?! The sad thing was that she spent close to $900 for the felt, so didn't put anything else into the room.

I'm a Trading Spaces junky, but often turn it off when Hildi is on.
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I was thinking the same thing when I saw last week's episode with the cardboard on the walls. Frank's room was so beautiful and that room was horendeous.

I like Laurie first, Frank next and then Vern. Doug does do beautiful kitchens.

One time Hildy decorated a Baptist Pastors kitchen with wine bottle lables, even though the neighbors told her that it would not be appropriate. She also wanted to paint someone's carpeting bright orange.

I would cry if I found out she was going to be in my house.
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She does what I call a "hit and run" which is not Cool at all. She dosen't have to deal with the mess she created after the fact.

However if I remeber correctly she has all white wall in her house - maby someone should do a "while you were out" (the other show) in her house and see how it feels.
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The BBC version, Changing Rooms had an episode where they let 2 designers into the homes of each other. They were both actually terrified of what they would come home to, and it appeared that it taught them both a lesson.

I think they should have Hildi and Doug swap houses - Doug LOVES to put dark colors into a room!
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Does anyone remember when she put the aluminum foil on the ceiling? EEK! I don't like Hildi's designs much either. I have liked some of them though. I haven't watched Trading Spaces in a LONG time (b/c I was getting to antsy to tear my house up to try out all the designs! ) and I hear she's gotten worse.

I have to admit I liked the flower bathroom.

My favorite is Vern! Oh I vern!

Oh, I didn't see the felt episode but that sounds like the worst!

I also think that they do things sometimes to add drama to the show. One time Vern was doing a room and in the pre-interviews, the homeowners kept saying they did NOT want wallpaper, they did NOT want wallpaper. Well guess what Vern used. AND he said that he has never used wallpaper before. Hmm.
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Purr I agree with you - I also love Vern - he is just the best!

Also, I do like Frank as a person, however I am not too fond of his designs.

They also have hired on some other horrors like (Chris?) the young blond guy - he is also too edgy for my taste.

Anyway ratings or not - if they continue they won't have any victims left!
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Oh my gosh! I'd seen the previews for the cardboard Trading Spaces but missed it this weekend. . . but it's on now and I can't believe it! And, I can't even see the end because I have to go meet friends to take our danes for a walk on the beach. Darn! I want to see what happens at the end! She is nuts!
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Originally posted by jeeperscat
I guess 'trading spaces' is like 'changing rooms' here. Two families or friends swap rooms and decorate for each other with the help of designers. Cardboard walls sound awful, I hope they make her put all back like it was!!
Yes, once again US TV "borrows" from the British. There have been some recent TS e pisodes with Changing Room designers and Handy Andy.

Hildi drives me nuts. Some of her designs are beautiful, and some are just horrendous. Sometimes I think she knows the people will hate it, and is just doing it for that reason. Honestly, I didn't think the cardboard walls looked as bad as I expected them to, but I hated the cardboard furniture. And the fabric with this big circles in it, ugh.
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I hope they make her put all back like it was!!
Nope they do not! "Each applicant signs a release acknowledging that the show is not responsible for redecorating a room that isn't to the owner's taste."
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You know though, when you sign up for that you kinda have to accept what you get. I honestly wouldn't even let my own mother redecorate a room for me without my input. They got on tv, got to do the experience, and didn't like wht they ended up with, and yes I would be fuming but I wouldn't have ever done it in the first place.

And another thing, it can't be completely Hildi. Did you ever notice the "cardboard room" commercial that ran on TLC like every commercial break in preparation for the episode? Obviously Trading Spaces is proud of the room, or at least using it to get higher ratings. And though I don't watch it that much I remember they had a lot of commercials for the flower wall bathroom also. So obviously Trading Spaces approves of it, do you think maybe they tell her to be outrageous to bring in viewers? Or maybe they specifically hired her because she was outrageous? If they didn't accept her style she wouldn't be on the show and CERTAINLY wouldn't be highlighted in the commercials.. So I mean I have to say yes Hildi is messing up people's houses but above heidi the show itself is more so for a) allowing it to go on and b) for praising her for doing it.
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I haven't watched this in a long time!! I just can't picture a cardboard room! And a feather wall???? Eeeeps!

Thanks for the links!!!
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I totally agree. I cannot STAND Hilda (hildy, or whatever she wants US to call HER).. I'm just not a big fan of her work, but when you think about it.. I guess Trading Spaces is getting what they want. I mean.. look at us having a whole forum topic on her! ahha! I wasn't "blessed" enough to see her cardboard room, but I'm sure I would have turned the tv off. Actually i probably wouldn't have, as I would HAVE to see the look on the pple's faces when they were unveiling the room to them!!! I love Vern.. I think he's an excellent designer.. he always has a "romantic feel" to his designs..
I'll tell you who I love most though. TY.. and from WYWO.. Andrew. They are both not hard to watch!!! Funny - I just found this forum and I was surfing their site for the mostpart of the day. I filled out an application for WYWO. I see they're doing more Canadian episodes, so I want to bring them here! I love redecorating, and I would someday like to be a designer, or carpenter.. time's a tickin! hehe! I think I would have so much fun doing it to.. all the crafty stuff! and I looove painting! actually, i put in the application to do the backyard - or barn.. a little different.. and how can you mess up a flower garden? Lol.. i would looove to have a pond on my backyard, however.. i think that can be screwed up quite easily! enuf of my rambling. I LOVE ANDREW & TY! lol

I wonder how my kitties would love their company.
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