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Goodbye Mentos

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If was my hope that Mentos could pass peacefully, so I had his health checked this friday to see how bad of condition he is in. The doctor said he is not doing well, but not fatal, so we came home with subcutaneous fluids hoping it will help him feel better being that he hasn't eaten or drank on his own for the last 5 days (we assist feeded)

Last night, he started crying, it was the first time I have heard him this way. It would last about 5 minutes. The third time, his pupils were dialated, his body was limp, and I knew he was gonna go. He legs swang back and forth a few times, his breathing became labored, and then his breathing stopped, followed by his heart.

It was my hope that I could have eased his pathing with euthanasia, but I was given the wrong impression of his health. However, Mentos has been very brave. He exhibited no signs of pain until the final day, and he passed quickly.

I have mixed emotions right now of both joy and sadness. Althought I was prepared to see him go, I was not prepared to see him go this way. But I'm glad he is in a better place now.

Thanks for all your support and prayers, Mentos will be missed very very deeply by me and my gf.
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I have seen a few cats die befor and there for know that some will cry befor they let go and some don't . So please don't feel bad listening to him cry ((((((HUGS))))))

May Mentos RIP
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Rest in peace, Mentos.

You did the best you could with the information you were given. And most of all, you were there with Mentos when his time came. That love will carry him swiftly over the Rainbow Bridge where he will wait to greet you again in full heath.
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RIP Mentos. I am sure he's playing in the fields over the Rainbow Bridge, no longer in pain. I am so sorry for your loss.
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I am so sorry.
Please take comfort knowing that he is now at peace, playing over the Rainbow Bridge.
My thoughts are with you.
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I'm so very sorry!
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Oh Hwangster, I am so sorry. RIP Mentos.

As I've said before, I've followed your posts, and I could see how hard you tried to do everything you could with the vet to help him, and posted for help and shared your results and experiences with TCS as you were going along. It is so evident how much you loved him; please take comfort in that love, and know that he is in a much better place not suffering any more.

And most important, as Heidi said, he was at home when he passed, with you. :angel2:
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RIP Mentos sweety.

You did what you thought was right and he passed away at home with you by his side, he wouldn't want it otherwise. He is in full health now, free of all his physical problems with full knowledge that you two will meet again.

So don't be too hard on yourself, take time to heal and know that whatever happens he will be with you forever in spirit and memories.
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My heart goes out to you. It's hard enough when they go, but to actually watch them pass must tear you apart more!

Hugs from myself and Head butts from Rosie xx
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So sorry to hear about Mentos. It's always so sad when an beloved animal goes to the Bridge, but you were with him, and you eased his passing. This happened to my Mother just over a year ago, she was with her treasured cat when he passed. It broke her heart, but her being there gave him comfort, and he didn't take his eyes off her until the last moment.

Be strong, Mentos is in a good and happy place now.
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Mentos' eyes were so dilated and he was so limp, I dunno if he was even conscience except his legs were kicking. I don't know if he could see though.....

I'm curious exactly what finally caused his death. But not THAT curious, I just know that he's gone.
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I'm sorry to learn that Mentos passed away. I know that you were doing everything to make him comfortable and happy in his time that he shared with you. You were with him when the time came.

He will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge free of pain and suffering.
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OMG! I'm so sorry about Mentos... he has always been my favourite ever since the pictures you posted of him.. RIP Mentos.. you will be sorely missed by me and my best buddy.

hwangster, please be glad to know that pictures of mentos have been providing my buddy studying in australia a sense of joy everyday because the sight of mentos pic would cheer him up...
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Thanks for the kind words.... he is a real cutie I bet he is a popular cat whereever he is now Must be a real ladies cat.
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What a cat!
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omg I'm so sorry How horrible to have to watch him die

May he rest in peace, sweet Mentos.
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Originally posted by Hwangster
Mentos Thanking Everybody

That is so cute.. I'm sitting here crying.
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Originally posted by Hwangster
Mentos Thanking Everybody

Thats adorable and precious. He's handsome. Thank you for sharing with us. Now I'm crying again.

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I'm just now reading through this thread, I don't come here a lot,simply because I wind up with a headache from crying, which is what I'm doing now (surprised?). I'd been keeping up with Mentos until just a few days ago, and life caught up with me, so I missed this originally. I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am that he passed so suddenly, and that you had to hear those awful cries.. There is nothing that I know of that sounds like that, and to be the bearer of bad news, it'll take awhile before you get them out of your head, been there, done that. At least now he is free of pain, and it will get easier for you too, {{HUGS}}, it'll just take time. If you need to talk to someone, PM me or e-mail me if I'm not on MSN lurking.
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I'm terribly sorry for your loss. Here's a site which deals entirely with pet loss. I know many people who have found the information here to be very helpful in dealing with their loss:

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Hwangster, sorry I didn't learn about Mentos until now. He was a great cat and you are his great forever friend. It is a great boon to be there for your friends in death as well as in life, though a terrible passage it may be. And as there are such things, although they may be beyond our seeing, I'm sure that flights of angels did sing him to his rest.

Sorry I'm a bit dizzy right now, but you take care and may you be strong on the road of grieving.

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I've just been posting on the 'kangaroo' thread, I'm so sorry you lost Mentos. He was a gorgeous cat.
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