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Big day tomorrow....

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Well, its that time of the year when christmas rolls on, the office party is on and I have to be in the office for lunch. Normally i would be there for 8.00am - even 7.15, however, tomorrow its a first experience as a parent that I am about to undergo.
The camcorder is charged fully - film is in.
The digital camera is on charge and have two empty memory cards
and I am terrified as its the realisation that my little boy is growing up.
Its the nursery nativity come song thing for 20 minutes that we are going to and my first as a parent. To say i will be proud is an understatement, I will be glowing and I have taken the morning off work for this 20 minutes and dont intend to miss a second of it.
They say life is full of firsts and as a parent - this is one of mine.
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That is so exciting Kev! Don't forget to post the pictures and if you need help, you know where to find me!
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Wow , how wonderful . I would be proud too if I were you . My son just had last monday his christmas cantata (sp) , the band and choir together . Oh man was I proud to see my son play his saxophone in the band . I took also pics of the event . This is something you will never forget as a parent .
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wow Kev, you are excited as you should be i hope you have a wonderful time!!! this day will be in your memory for a long time
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What a milestone for you and for Christopher! I can't wait until Dominik is old enough to appear in a nativity play. I thought all that was so cheesy and naf, but now having my own baby means I'll be up there with all the other proud parents.

Enjoy the event - and give the little 'un all the support you can muster!!!
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we want pics ! we want pics !
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It was incredible ... Carol and I got there early - about 30 mins early and was directed to the room where it was all going to take place. In there was a stack of chairs - very little floor space and already parents sat. We opted to sit on the far side next to a window and having the best light we thought it would be best for the photos.
Anyway, one became two became about 70 adults in a room the size of our lounge and then the doors opened and in the little troopers came. I was ready, digital camera there all prepped and ready and Christopher was at the back of the line up he was in.
They all say down in lines and all very good on the carpetted floor. It was at that point the room seemed to swell with parents,, mums, dads, grandmas and pas and the piano started.
Well I just went photo crazy - only problem was that he had his back to us and it was not easy to get him to look at the camera.
Then they did away in a manger and he did all the actions, as well as something about angels and he stood up as asked and held angel no 6 in his hands.
He sang his heart out.
We had - when santa got stuck up the chimney as well as something about father christmas , we want some snow.
I just kept the camera on him and did some digital footage - am not hoping for anything great from that as you only get about a minute a time.
They did jingle bells and he had a bell to ring and then we wish you a merry christmas and they got a huge round of applause.
At one point as he sang I could feel a tear race down my cheeks I was so thrilled and proud of him.
I looked round and saw Carol also crying. I realised at that point that being with her and having Christopher - my life was complete. I am in love with two red heads, one is 30 and one is 4 and we all have the same surname.
It was incredible and I have never been so proud.
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That's terrific kev.

Did you have tissues handy?

I bet the photos turn out better than what you expect. ^_^
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Isn't there issues with posting kids photos, no matter how sweet, on the net? Especially if you don't have parental permission from all of the kids' parents.
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sounds like a great day. keep the footage for your son's dates to look at when he's a teenager, I'm sure he'll love that.
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