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I guess one reason it's so expensive is that it's only produced in small quantities, therefore high unit cost. The only way to get it here is through the local Department of Pubic Health - and I would need a doctor's perscription before I could even go to them. That won't be a problem, but it's still expensive.

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What about side effects? If the vaccine is so expensive, I'd assume that few people actually get it, and that side effects are not well-documented. Does the "docile" form of rabies exist in the U.S.? It popped up here in the mid-eighties, and I don't recall hearing about it in the States prior to then, or, for that matter, since then. Now you have me worried. When I stay at my parents' house every August (mating season?), we are deluged by skunks - have even had them come up to the house and peek through the screen door while we're sitting in the living room. It's not unusual to see 6 - 8 of them wandering around the property every morning. The cat gives them a wide berth, but both dogs try to catch them, given the chance.
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I'm glad Norman & Becca have found a home.
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Norman's food arrived today. I called, and his new mom was home, so I dropped it off. Both cats don't seem the least bit intimidated by their new surroundings. Becca was busy exploring (she likes the Xmas decorations), and Norman got right up on my lap and started kneading and licking me. That's amazing - they've only been in their new home since Wednesday evening, and aren't acting the least bit skittish. They're in a large apartment, and their new parents seem to be very cat-oriented and tolerant. I've had very little contact with Becca, but I hope to maintain a relationship with Norman. He's a very special cat. By the way - if you find his name weird, it's my fault . he was the fourth "Blackie" in the shelter, and I went to college with a "Norman Black", so his name was changed. Norman seems to like it when he's called "little sweetie". Keep your fingers crossed that his EGC clears up.
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That's terrific to hear that Norman and Becca have settled in to their new home.
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