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It never fails

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Even if Saki goes to the litterbox right before I clean it, he HAS to go in it RIGHT in the middle of me cleaning it! I just got done washing it and putting new litter, couldnt even put the top back on and he's in it taking a dump

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I am sorry, but that picture is funny!
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to funny , mine do that too . Are they cat related ?
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LOL, mine to that too! What kind of litter is in that?
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I think it's an honor in the cat world, to be the first to place a deposit in the litter box. I think in that way, they have claimed some sort of power over the other cats or something. I have the same thing in my household, but instead of two trying to be the first to place their deposit, I have three vying for that coveted honour.
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Oh, one more thing. You use those crystals don't you? I've tried those a couple of times.
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I have 2 cats and they sit and wait and then they run to see who can get to the box first! It's ridiculous! I wonder if it has to do with "planting" their scent?
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Yeah I use Litter Pearls crystals. I LOVE them.
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LOL! Snowball always did that when he was a kitten!
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Silly kitty! That's pretty litter too.
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at least he wanted for you to put the litter in! Neo jumped in and went with out any litter once
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
at least he wanted for you to put the litter in! Neo jumped in and went with out any litter once
LOL.One of my kittens done this the other day.

I will be trying to pour the litter in and I will have all the cats sitting there just waiting to jump in.LOL.Silly kitties.
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LOL!! I can relate. One of my boys did that to me the other night. I have 3 cats and 4 litterboxes, one is covered. I had already cleaned the 3 regular boxes, and had barely finished with the covered one (didn't even have time to place the cover on it) when Salem immediately goes in and does his thing. I just stood there and shook my head. I asked him why couldn't he use one of the other 3 that were already done.

No, I never got an answer.
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Dakota and Sage jump in as I scoop each day. They don't care what I'm doing - they will be going as I'm scooping the other side of the box. I just wait until they are done then scoop what they just left me.
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LOL too funny!! What a bunch of weird cats
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Mine do the same thing. I usually have to lock them up for 5 minutes while I change the litter otherwise they keep jumping in and out. And it never fails, as soon as I'm done, they have to do dirty it up.
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Hi Sicycat

This must be a habit of all cats. Bent does it too and will even sit and watch as I clean his box and as soon as I have it refilled with litter he's making it smell like him again.
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