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New Cat Introduction belated!

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I am a newbie at this site and I would first like to tell everyone hello!

About 4 months ago I found a cat that was cold and hungry. He seemed like he had been mistreated and maybe someone dumped him. My wife and I have 5 cats (They all get along rather well with each other!) When I brought this cat in I guess I didn't introduce him properly as none had really had any problems at all.

We have:
2 Males (Neutered)
3 Femailes (Spayed)

To make a long story short he is having trouble with the 2 males. Sometimes the seek him out, other times they lay together. However, Samson (The new cat) seems to fear both of them and I can't seem to cure it! Any suggestions will help!
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Hello there. I hope I'm doing this right. I'm a newbie to this site. Came to learn how to introduce a new cat to the household and lo and behold, another newbie had the same question, on the same day!

BTW, I can't quite figure out all the emoticons, font and other little cute things we can do on the website. But it sure makes it cute.

C ya,

'cj' (or Angelface)
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Whoa!!! Helps to acquaint oneself with the website before opening one's mouth and inserting foot!!! After posting what I now realize must be a f.a.q., I began browsing and voila... there is a terrific answer to our question about introducing a new cat under the Behaviors Heading!

This is truly an awesome website.

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Welcome to this site . I am sure if you look around in the forums you will find how you can intro a new cat to the others . Good luck
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Hello lancdln! I have been out of town. Sorry it took so long to respond to your question.

I suggest two things:

1. Purchase a Feliway Comfort Zone diffuser. You plug it into the wall and it sends out a calming pheramone that helps to mellow agitated cats.

2. If that doesn't help, you might want to separate the new cat for twoo weeks (simply keep locked in the bedroom with litter box, food and water) and then do a careful re-introduction following the steps you will find in this thread.

Good luck and keep us posted on how it is going!
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Thanks! I am going to try it!

I am using a bit of cat Psych also because of the fear with the new cat!
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