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Is she pregnant?

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Hello everyone, I am new here but it seems like a really good forum. Here is my dilemma. I bought a one year old long hair domestic kitty for my children about 2 weeks ago. The pet shop told me that she recently had kittens and thats why her belly was a bit large still and her nipples were still pink and swollen. We took her home, but now two weeks later she is still the same, possibly even larger!! I am starting to think she is pregnant and the pet store was not honest with me. Would it be normal for her to still look pregnant even weeks after she gave birth?? She was seen by a vet, and they were not very thourough with the exam and didn't mention anything about her nipples. And I didn't think to ask because I thought she was a new mommy. Can anyone tell me anything about pregnant cats? What should I be looking for? How long are they pregnant? I am terrified I am going to wake up one morning and find a litter of kittens in my living room. Any information would be great. Thank you so much!!
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You know, I am a little miffed about this. If she had just given birth, she should have been with her kittens at least 6 weeks (and thats even too short). Their nipples usually stay pink and enlarged until after the kittens are weaned. Why on earth did they have a domestic cat like this at the pet shop?
If she is pregnant the gestation period is about 63 days. Her nipples would become VERY enlarged over time as well as her belly growing at a fast rate. Especially in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I would take her to the vet at this point to know for sure. If she has already had kittens they should check to make sure everything is fine. If she is pregnant they will be able to help you in figuring out how pregnant she is.
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My cat Muffy had babies about 8 weeks ago now. As soon as she had the babies, her stomach was back to its normal size. Actually she was a bit thin in the beginning. I agree with Sandie, take her to the vet. My bet is she might be pregnant.
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You both voiced the same opinions as we have. I figured if she did indeed give birth it must have been at LEAST 6 weeks ago since she was in a pet store. So I figured she should be about back to normal by now. Her belly is definitley not "normal", she looks like she is pregnant although I cannot for the life of me figure out why on earth they would sell her if she is expecting! She is going to the vet for a set of shots in about 10 days so I will have them check, but in the meantime I wanted to know if my hunch was right. I do indeed think she is pregnant now, now I just have to figure out when she is due. Thanks for the responses!
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