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Saddam Captured

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U.S.: 'We got him'
Saddam captured near Tikrit

Sunday, December 14, 2003 Posted: 8:53 AM EST (1353 GMT)

TIKRIT, Iraq (CNN) -- U.S. forces have captured Saddam Hussein in a late night raid near his hometown of Tikrit, according to the head of the Coalition Provisional Authority.

"Ladies and gentleman, we got him," L. Paul Bremer announced Sunday. The announcement was greeted with cheers from the audience.

Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez showed video of Saddam, who had graying hair and a long beard, undergoing a medical examination after his capture.

Several Iraqi journalists stood up and shouted "Death to Saddam" after the video was shown.

Sanchez said the former leader was not injured and has been "talkative and cooperative," after 4th Infantry Division and special operations forces nabbed him at a "rural farmhouse."

"Today is a great day for the Iraqi people and the coalition," Sanchez said.

Not a single shot was fired in "Operation Red Dawn," carried out based on intelligence gathered over several months, Sanchez said.

"This is very good news for the people of Iraq," British Prime Minister Tony Blair said in a statement Sunday. "It removes the shadow that has been hanging over them for too long of the nightmare of a return to the Saddam regime. This fear is now removed." (Blair reaction)

A senior U.S. official told CNN's Dana Bash in Washington that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told President Bush Saturday afternoon (EST) of the likely capture.

In Baghdad, hundreds of Iraqis flooded the streets, firing guns into the air, singing, dancing and throwing candy into the air -- celebrating the apparent capture of the man who had ruled their lives with terror and repression for more than three decades.

The raid was based on intelligence that Saddam was at a particular location in the area, the officials said.

Video following that raid -- exclusively shot by CNN's Alphonso Van Marsh -- showed a group of U.S.-led coalition soldiers patting each other on the back -- apparently in celebration -- and taking group photos in front of a military vehicle.

The 66-year-old longtime Iraqi leader was number one on the coalition's 55 most wanted list, and his evasion has been a political sore spot for the U.S. administration. (Saddam profile)

The Iraq war began on March 19 when U.S. forces launched a "decapitation attack" aimed at the Iraqi president and other top members of the country's leadership.

Hours later, a defiant Saddam wearing a military uniform appeared on Iraqi television to denounce the U.S.-led military campaign as "criminal" and to say his countrymen would be victorious.

At least a dozen audiotapes believed to have been recorded by Saddam, 66, have been released since he was forced out of power by the coalition forces during the Iraq war. The most recent was broadcast in November.

His sons Uday and Qusay -- also on the coalition's most wanted list -- were killed in July, after U.S. forces stormed their hideout in Mosul.

Sixteen policemen were among those killed in Sunday's explosion at Khaldiyah, 80 kilometers (50 miles) from the Iraqi capital, the officer added. (Full story)
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thats a great Christmas present !
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YES!!!!!!!! Thank God now those people can get on with their lives!!
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I have learned not to believe everything I read in the media. But if this article is accurate, it's wonderful news!
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I have been watching Fox News all morning about Saddam being captured... I'm still surprised. That spider hole they found him in gives me claustrophobia just thinking about it... It was plain miraculous that our troops found him in there.... wow!
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A lot of the Iraqi people have been hesitant to cooperate, with the coalition, for fear that Saddam would return and start reprisals. This will put paid to that fear and should go a long way toward stabilizing the country.

Hopefully, he will be tried by an Iraqi tribunal, convicted and sent to his just reward.
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When CNN is showing videos of Saddam receiving a medical check-up, I would think that the news is true.

I applaud the US military in this effort, and I hope it marks a new beginning for the people of Iraq. Reports are that Al Qaeda has a definite presence in the country, so that is always cause for concern.

With that, I am shooting this over to IMO.
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This is good news, and it appears that his identity has been confirmed.

The huge challenge now, which the CBC is talking about, is to unify the various factions within the country. It has been made quite clear that Al Qaeda has not been a friend of Hussein, and so his capture will not affect their actions in Iraq. And historically the feddayin move into a situation with a political "vacuum", and increase their activity.

This is significant, but does not end the problems by any means. It remains to be seen if the armed resistance to Coalition occupation will decrease, and if the Sunni and Shiite factions can work together.
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CNN is reporting that Saddam's identity has been confirmed via DNA testing. It is really him. We really got him.

What a wonderful xmas present to the world!
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This is great news, for the Iraqis in particular. Now, what I'd really like for Christmas is for Osama bin Laden to be captured (and put in a spider hole for the rest of his life).
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How wonderful for President Bush's ability to be re-elected.

I'm happy for the people of Iraq but fail to see how this will stop the terrorist activity in that poor country. I'll try to think positive and hope for the best.

Support our troops!
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My husband told me when I woke up this morning . Great way to wake up with wonderfull news like that yeah yeah yeah
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What terrific news!
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Thank God! Wouldn't it be nice if the Military troop that found him go the reward. He doesn't look quite so proud in the pics they are showing of him.
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Very good news BentAnimal, your right, it'll probably help Bush for re-election, but whats wrong with that? Deans digging himself deeper every speech he makes
Hopefully Iraq will start to be rebuilt, but as others mentioned, I don't think this capture has much to do with terror attacks. Its probably a great load off some peoples minds though.

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This is WONDERFUL news. Now I wish they'd get Bin Laden (sp).
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When I heard the news this morning and saw the details of the capture, I thought Saddam would want to die fighting the U.S. or kill himself before being captured. Why would he want to be captured and go through the trials ahead of him?

Also, I think there will be more terrorist action now than before. Just because Saddam is captured, means nothing when it comes against the terrorist cells that are still well organized with or without Saddam.
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HOORAY FOR IRAQ!!! This is a great day for the Iraqi people, and while there are certainly other evils in the world, and in that area of the world particularly, but the Iraqis' greatest fear of the terror that they lived in for 20 years is now gone.

On the political front, I just saw Joe Lieberman saying "If Howard Dean had his way Saddam Hussein would still be in power, not in prison, and the American people would have much more to fear." CNN reported that Germany and France were two of the first countries to praise the capture. So, yes, this will certainly boost Bush's approval rating simply because what was promised has been accomplished. There is no further spin than that.

The thing that surprised me about the details of the capture is that he had no body guards, no security. He was cowering in a spider hole. I guess this just confirms that without his power, Saddam is just a snivelling coward.
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He looks either malnourished or sick to me. They said he was disoriented. Perhaps his will broke when his sons were killed?
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
Also, I think there will be more terrorist action now than before. Just because Saddam is captured, means nothing when it comes against the terrorist cells that are still well organized with or without Saddam.
I've been thinking the same thing all day. A lot of Iraqis who welcomed the occupation forces might start to resent their presence, now that they don't have to worry about Saddam coming back. It's more important than ever to turn power over to the Iraqis as quickly as possible, even if it means a moderate Islamic state, as many of the majority Shi'ites are demanding. I'm just wondering whether it will work. There's no way of knowing how the Sunnis and Kurds will react as minorities.
Iraq is far from "out of the woods", so I doubt that Saddam's capture is going to ensure Bush's reelection. If the Taliban make good on their threats to attack the loya jirga in Afghanistan, things are really going to escalate there, and there simply aren't enough troops to deal with it. So: Hooray, Saddam has been captured, but that's it - the major problems remain.
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I've been watching it on CNN all morning

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I think that the ideal panel to try him would be judges from Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iraqi Kurdistan. Since these are the people, upon whom he commited his crimes, THEY should be the ones who sit in judgement upon him.

As for the reward, US soldiers are not allowed to accept rewards, for doing their jobs. I understand that a "family member, close to Saddam" blew him in. This operation had been in the works, for over a week.

To the 82nd Airborne and Special Forces: job well done!
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Anastasia woke me up kind of early this morning, so I thought I'd see if anything was new here and when I got online (our home page is msn.com), I saw the news. I was so happy that I told my parents right away and they were very happy as well.
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That is great news!

He did not seem animated at all - he looked ill. I almost felt sorry for him, he looked so pitiful, except for the fact that he's killed and tortured so many people . I also wonder if he lost his will to fight when his sons were killed - his legacy is now gone - Thank God!
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Booh-yah! Now the poor people of Iraq can get back to simple, peaceful lives. Yeah
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I thought Saddam would want to die fighting the U.S. or kill himself before being captured. Why would he want to be captured and go through the trials ahead of him?
Like so many in his position (Bin Laden included) he's happy to call on others to sacrafice themselves, but it's different when it applies to himself. As valanhb mentioned, in truth he's just a snivelling coward that hid behind his henchmen.

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It's great that Saddam Hussein has been captured. Hopefully that will aid in Iraq's re-building and help the nation progress. It's also going to boost the army personnel's morale just before the holiday season as well.

However, does this mean that those weapons for mass destruction are going to be found now? Just because Saddam doesn't look healthy, it doesn't mean that he's willing to divulge information.
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Originally posted by jcat
This is great news, for the Iraqis in particular. Now, what I'd really like for Christmas is for Osama bin Laden to be captured (and put in a spider hole for the rest of his life).
There's a lovely large lawn in the middle of Central Park in NYC called the Sheep Meadow. If we ever get him, they should bring him there in NYC, and attach each of his limbs to FDNY ladder truck, a FDNY engine truck, an NYPD squad car, and an Emergency Services ambulance and as they say, let 'em rip. I think the Central Park Conservancy would be willing to pony up for some new sod under the circumstances.

Should the conservancy refuse, there is still a building down near the WTC which needs to be taken down, but has not been because the owners are still battling with their insurance company. The building is empty, so there would be plenty of desks for him to sit out. They could even give him a cell phone to say 'bye bye' to his near and dear ones, so they can hear the building implode around him.

Having had a bird's eye view of tower 2 collapse, I wouldn't object to them selling tickets to the event.
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I think that the Iranians are probably sheltering remaining Al Qaeda senior operatives. I doubt they'd be fighting for Hussein, since they viewed him as a religious abomination. But I'm sure his remaining loyalists will continue to fight, since they have little option. If the US doesn't get them, their own people will, and I suspect they would prefer being captured by the US.

I wonder if he felt he had no where to go, such as Syria, and just decided to stay put, or if his egomania convinced him that he would carry the day at some time in the future. I think the Arab world is shocked that he didnt go down fighting, or at least kill himself, as Hitler did. Although Hitler was probably a heck of a lot worried about the Russians nabbing him than anything else.

The tv news keeps conjecturing abt that famous photo of the military guy looking into his mouth. He may have been going for a swab for DNA testing, but I bet he was also checking to see if he had any cyanide on him, concealed in a tooth. A few of the Germans after WW2, including Goering I believe, killed themselves that way.
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