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Felv+ Cat needs home - Boston area

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I have a cat who needs a home. Her name is Pixie. She's a 2 1/2 year old female cat who's been spayed. She's orange and white and black. She is very well behaved, never had any problems with furniture or property. She likes to be pet, brushed and is very playful yet is independent at the same time. One of her favorite activities is sitting and looking out the window.

I got her when my landlady found her outside our house. We later learned that she tested positive for feline leukemia, which is a cat virus which is not transmittable to humans or dogs and which she has had no symptoms. She has been healthy since I had her and you would never know that she tested positive just by meeting her. The only restriction would be having other non-positive cats because they can pass on the retrovirus - dogs and additional cats who tested positive are also okay to have.

My personal circumstances have changed and i will be living in Australia for the next couple years. I want to find her a good, loving home. She is currently living with my ex-roommate is Boston/Jamaica Plain. I could help make arrangements to get her to you. She already has toys, a litterbox, and a carry case for transport which i am happy to send with her.

please let me know if you are interested or if you have any suggestions about finding her a home.
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If you have not done so already, I strongly recommend that you have the cat's test result confirmed with an IFA test. This test is much more dependable than the ELISA test, the test that is usually used in veterinary clinics. For the IFA test to be done, blood would have to be sent off to a lab. A cat can test positive for FeLV on the ELISA test (because he/she is carrying antibodies to the virus), but not actually be carrying the Feline Leukemia Virus. The only way to know for sure is to have the IFA test performed.

If the cat tests positive on the ELISA test, but negative on the IFA test, it is likely that the cat has successfully fought off the virus and will remain negative unless exposed in the future. You should have the cat retested with the IFA test twelve weeks after the first negative IFA test, just to be sure, before integrating the cat into a household with other

The most likely options for placement are to try to find a home with another FeLV-positive kitty or a home with no other cats. You could try contacting local vets to see if they have clients with FeLV+ cats, or with experience with FeLV, who might be interested in adopting another cat.

I would also recommend that you post the cat for adoption on the following websites for special needs animals:
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