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Saved photos to Imagestation, now what?

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I saved my photos to Imagestation hoping to use them here and must be doing something wrong. The properties were really long, and when I tried to post photo here, it said invalid because I had to have a jpg, which it was, but it was really long.

Have any of you done photos to here from Imagestation? If so how do you put them here?

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There is a while since I posted a photo (hmmm...I should do something about that ), but I hope this helps:

After you have saved it on Imagestation, click on the photo and then right click on it and open properties. There you copy the url (it is long). Then go to your post and press IMG button above. There you copy the url and that should be it.

Hope this works!

Edid: I mixed left and right You have to right click on the photo to get to properties, not left click as I first said
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I decited to check if what I was telling you worked

If this is a succes, you will see my son, we just borrowed a digital camera to take pics of him for the Christmas card.

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Yes, this was what I remembered

Can anyone tell me what is the best way to fix red eyes?
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I don't know if you have a Photo software on your PC, but most of them have some kind of red eye fixer. I usually use the software that came with my digital camera. If you can't figure out how to fix it, just email me the picture & I'll what I can do.
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Thanx Shell. I thought there was a software with the camera, but my sister (it´s her camera) thought not. It´s a new camera, so maybe she just hasn´t come across it yet. I´ll check that.
I also figured, that since we are making a develloping shop make the pics, they might be able to help us with this. It´s just not sure we´ll use a pic that has a red eye, so I would still want to know how to do this.
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Is his eyes gray? My photoshop replaced the red eye with gray.
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That's the right sequence to link to images posted on a remote site (like Imagestation, or your own web site). But be aware, Imagestation is getting a lot more fussy about remote linking. Its not allowed, and if you do a lot of it, you might have your imagestation sites shut down.

Which means, you can link, but you are not really allowed to link, and if you do, you may get away with it, but you might also have to face consequences.
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The person above that tried to link to Imagestation does not have a phto there, just an I'm Sorry thing from them.
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Hmmmm, I wonder why my pic doesn´t show. Is that because of that remote linking thing? I have only used imagestation about 4-5 times, so it´s not like I´m their black book for overuse
At first I checked and the pic was there, then now I either get just blank where the pic should be or a "sorry you are trying to reach a photo outside of imagestation"
Does anyone know why, and what to do????

Blondiecat, thanx for checking that for me.

I put another pic here where there is not red eye problem, there you can see the actual eye colour.
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