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I'm eating chicken and just gave my cat a pretty big bone that still had meat on so she could chew it off. A few minutes later I looked down and the meat and the bone were gone. Should I be concerned? She was picked up as a stray so I'm guessing this is normal for her, but it kind of freaked me out.

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Wow that is kinda scary! How long was the bone? If she chewed it up good it will probably just pass in her stool. Did you look around the house real good? Maybe she played with it and lost it under something.
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Cooked bones will splinter, if you are going to give your cat a bone, make sure it is a raw bone not a cooked one. Give the kitty either some canned pumpkin or some mineral oil in her canned food to help push this through her system. Watch her for the next 24 hours, look for her pawing her throat, having trouble breathing, rapid panting, drooling or missing or straining in the litter pan. If you see those signs please get her to the vet.
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