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returning cat food

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Last week I brought a 20lb bag of "Sciece Diet's Nauure's Best" cat food at Pet Smart for $30.00. I have 13 cats and none of them will eat it. Does anybody know if I can return it to Pet Smart?
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You would have to call the store and ask them. If they won't let you, send an email or call the number you find on the bag and talk to the manufacturer, oftentimes they will refund your money if you ask nicely, or send you a coupon for a different brand.
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Hi Ellie,

I just wanted to let you know that I am a lead cashier at the Petsmart in Princeton, NJ and we allow or customers to return ANYTHING. Just bring back the food (it doesn't even matter if it is open) and tell them that you cats didn't like it. IF you have your receipt, and it is within 30 days, they can give you your money back the way that you paid. If you don't have a receipt, or if it is after 30 days, we will give you store credit.

So don't fret! You can definitely get your money back!
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Oh! And p.s....the very best food that ANY petsmart carries is Nutro Natural Care...it is what all of the managers and associates buy for their pets. If you haven't given that a try...it's worth it. My boys love it! You can also exchange that food for it too!
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Thanks Hissy and Newto Cat. That's a relief. I'll be going to Pet Smart tomorrow. I also brought them a small bag of Nutro diet last week. That night they all seemed to like it, but the next day all but one cat turned their nose up at it. I've been feeding them Authority regular and diet but they got tired of it.
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Science Diet has a money back guarantee, if you don't like it for any reason, simply return it to the place of purchase for your money back
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Hi Woodysgirl,

You have two beautifull cats. I see you live in MD. I live in Waldorf, MD.

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Hi Ellie,

I'm just a hop, skip and jump away from you up 301N near Crofton.

I'm not sure if you (or any others from my area who might be reading) are interested, but there is a natural pet food store off 301/RT 3 in Crofton. They sell a lot of the super premium brands like Wellness, Felidae, Solid Gold, Innova, Wysong, etc. The thing that I think you might be interested in is the fact that they have samples for many of the kinds of food they sell (I know they have Wellness, Felidae, Artemis, Innova samples personally..). If you have some extra time sometime you might want to check it out. I like getting samples.... my cats are so picky!

Crunchies Pet food
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Howdy neighbor,

Thanks for the website. I've heard of that store but never had a chance to go there. I'm off tomorrow so I'll check it out.

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