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Could it be possible????

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I recently posted a thread about my very close friends mother and her bout with brain cancer (http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=26167). Well, Kathy's mom passed on Thanksgiving and her funeral was a few days later. It was awful, as most passings are. Kathy is devastated as she was her mom's ROCK. Mrs. O mother was a wonderful, caring very funny woman and I will miss her terribly.

Here's the thing.... I spoke to Kathy this afternoon (as I speak to her several times a week (or even in a day!)) She told me she thinks she might be pregnant. She is almost positive as she's "late" and has all the symptoms. She has not yet had confirmation from her OB, but she says she's sure she's pregnant again (she already has two beautiful kids - an adorable 6 year old girl and a very handsome 3 year old boy). The thing is, we BOTH feel her mother in this! DO you think it's possibile? We're convinced, but I was wondering what you thought?
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I think it could be a gift from God. Sometimes when you lose something or someone very special, God gives you something very special in return.
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After taking anthropology classes, many cultures believe that when one soul passes, another soul is born that will resemble the person you just passed on.

My great aunt passed away a month before I was born. We were both born in May and my family says I look like her and have similar tastes.

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I've heard of this happening so many times! My father-in-law once put it this way: The old people have to go to make room for the new ones.
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That is very cool. I think it is possible. It could be a gift from her mother. I think its very beautiful. If its a girl she should name her after her mother.
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We were thinking the same! And it would be sooooo like her mom too.
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One of my sisters has the name of my great greandmother, and has many of her qualities too. For example, my great granny has a great piano player, and from the time my sister was a tiny thing she has been playing the piano (which was my great grannies), and when she was very young she would watch the childrens program from the piano bench and play the songs from the programs on the piano as they were played on telly!
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