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cat won' t let me sleep!

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I am trying to get my former feral accustomed to sleeping in the house since it's cold, and also because he will eventually be an indoor cat so I am weaning him from the great outdoors. Well he is an aggressive player and he especially likes to bite although he plays claws out a lot too. For some reason when I try to sleep he starts biting/clawing me--only playfully--but I can't get him to stop. It seems everytime I close my eyes he does this. I sleep from maybe if I'm lucky 4-6am, but then he wakes me up by pouncing on me and biting. I can't lock him out because when he is indoors he is only permitted in my bedroom as the other people living here are freaked out by indoor animals. I refuse to give up but I'm going to die from not sleeping anymore!! Is there anything I can do? It's not like he's lacking in playtime, I play with him all the time and when he's outside he's playing constantly..
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my cat does something similar to this. If im sleeping, and he's around, sometimes he will come up to my face and start licking me, and ill turn my head around facing the other way on the pillow, and he will walk over and start doing it again. And this can go on for a really long time, i have no idea how to get him to stop other than kicking him off the bed or getting him out of my room.
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Click here and click here too for lots of ideas.

Also, you migh try rubbing Vicks Mentholatum (or whatever it is called) on the body parts he bites. It should keep him away!

Good luck!
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OK maybe now *I* need some behavior help. Ugh, for some reason I have been paranoid lately in life. So lately instead of biting me, roxy will in the middle of the night come up to my face and rub his head on it, and I freak. I always think it's somebody trying to kill me so when I'm half asleep I'll scream and shove him.. I'm worried I might hurt him if this continues. I just don't know what to do so I end up staying up all night because I'm terrified of hurting him. I never slept with an animal indoors before and I have to admit that when I was younger it was sort of a phobia (I was scared to sleep over at friends houses with indoor animals because I thought they would form an evil army and attack me......). So anyhow I tried piling stuff around me but somehow he still gets to me. I put the covers over my head and he crawls underneath. The lame thing is, during the day he doesn't want any attention at all. I don't know what to do becuase there is absolutely nowhere else I can put him. atleast when I get an apartment I can lock him out of the bedroom, but for now theres nothing i can do. I feel so bad.
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