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apologies if you were offended.....  

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Re - the link that I originally posted on the site that was meant as a bit of fun to what is a very serious situation in respect of fires and the fact that lack of maintenance of a detector can kill.

I appreciate that neither had a bearing on each other or were linked in a way at all.

I have been contacted by the management and the heavy mob (who are sending the boys round at a later date) and am aware that this may have caused offence to some on this site and certainly, offence was not intended. If I have caused this to you personally or anyone in the familly or surrounding area - then please accept my unreserved apologies for this and assure you, that this was not intended. Given some of the jokes that go round, I am shocked that it may have offended anyone - however, one wins some, one loses others.
Best wishes
off to hide for a few months and not post anything bar the christmas mail
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No need to hide anywhere Kev - we have all slipped here and there with posting something that was not appropriate for this site. Don't take to heart - it is our job as mods here to remove links that are not appropriate for a family site. It doesn't reflect anything on you!

And just a reminder - if anyone is unhappy with any moderating decisions, please feel free to PM me about it rather than post about it in the public forums. Usually most people are unaware of what took place, and we found this could lead to misunderstandings. Hence is why I'm locking this thread now and letting it go down the page...
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