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Saturday Daily Thread

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I remember a time not that long ago, when 4:30 would be the time I would just be getting to bed, rather than getting up!

Simba was just nuts last night. It's been a while since he has kept waking me up all night, but last night he was determined not to let me sleep. Of course he's curled up sleeping like a baby now, and I'm up. I wonder if I did something to make him mad and I'm being punished??

So I think I will go and wrap some more presents, then maybe I will be tired enough in a couple of hours to take a nap.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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JC was just the opposite today. Neither of us got up before ten, because he didn't wake us as usual. It's so cold and gray, I think he was just too comfortable curled up between us. Have a great weekend.
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Rowdy was rampaging, at around 5:30. She was trying to knock a picture off of the bedroom wall. Oh, well - I have to work today anyway.

It is WAY too cold, this morning - 35. I still haven't completely shaken this cold. If I hadn't already called in once, this week, I'd do it today.

Have a good weekend.
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Originally posted by katl8e

It is WAY too cold, this morning - 35.
I think we've dipped below zero a couple of days this week; the wind chills have been lower. So far today we're at a balmy 7 degrees.

(35 is really cold for Arizona, isn't it?!?)

Have a nice day at work, Cindy!
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Good Morning Boy I feel special The Sammycat, Oscar and Ceasar let me sleep until 7:30 this morning This almost never happens.

Today I am taking Mom, Kittywarden and Spideycat to visit Dad's grave. It's a 3 hour drive one way from here so it will be a long trip. We all miss Dad so much Hopefully it want rain the whole way there but if it does then so be it.

I hope all has a wonderful weekend
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it's nearing the end of sat today.. slept most of the days but went down to starbucks for a cuppa and did some origami or at least i tried.... probably go down for another cup soon.. have a great weekend guys...
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Going to work today. Fun fun fun.
Stayed out too late with my friends last night and wondering how I will possibly stay awake until 5:00 when I get to go home! I'm not allowed to drink coffee at my desk.

Going out for dinner tonight with my family and some of mom's co-workers. It'll be fun if I don't fall asleep.
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Had our Christmas party for our staff yesterday and am feeling a little delicate today - doesn't help that I've got a filthy sore throat and a bad cold.

We're putting up the Christmas tree at the moment and soon will brave the damp outside to walk into the town centre and spend more money.

Early night tonight as I'm (a) tired and (b) the Au Pair is in London with friends and hubby and I can have some 'us' time!!!
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We are supposed to be having our first winter storm here...but we didn't get much more than some freezing rain. Whew! But, it is bad enough that I skipped going to the University's graduation ceremony this morning. I am a bad girl!

I'm also a bad girl because I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet! As soon as I log off here, I'm going to spend the afternoon surfing the web hoping to find great stuff that can be shipped in time! What a procrastinator I am!

Oh...I still have final exams to grade. Sigh.... I wonder whether there are other schools that hold graduation ceremonies before grades are submitted?
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We're sitting here impatiently waiting on our laptop. OH WAIT!! IT JUST GOT HERE!!!! WOO HOO!!

OK, I feel better now. We're going up to Dad's house today because his computer still isn't working right (actually, MSN isn't working right - the computer works fine), and then when I get back I have to start cleaning before leaving for our Christmas Vacation next Sunday. Fun weekend, huh?
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I´m online again!
My computer has been down for 4 days and is now fixed! I now realize I am SO addicted to my computer and the internet! It was like I had no hands!

It is so cold today. I took Oliver for a walk to meet my sisters and mum at an Asian restaurant downtown and then we all went shopping (or at least looking...). On the way home it was so much colder than when we went out, when the streets were all wet, that it was like glass on the streets and pavements, and as I live in a quiet neigbourhood, it was allmost impossible to walk. It would have been funny to see!

Now I´m gonna put Oliver to bed and then see what I´ve missed in your lives while I was out of modern technology.
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I woke up to Kahu playing with my ear - it was so cute that all I could do was giggle. Then he came and sat on me and sniffed my mouth and tickled me with his whiskers. He is so adorable.

Another cold day here. Why do the days seem to go by so slowly when it is cold?

I think I am going to have a bath before I go to bed. Dunno yet though.

Hope everyone has a good evening/night.
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