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What do you think about this food? Is raw food good?

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My cat's breeder fed her cats this food: http://naturesvariety.com/feline/ twice a day (at morning and at night) and this food: http://www.evolvepet.com/ left out all day.

(She now feeds them Royal Canin b/c the Evolve gave them garlic breath. :p I plan on brushing his teethies.)

I've read before that raw food is really good for them, and is natural. It has more nutrients b/c a lot of the natural goodness is lost while cooking it. Does anyone else feed their cats raw food?

Do you think this is a good diet for cats?

Also, I have a Sphynx and I've read many times that you should always give them kitten food b/c they burn more calories (staying warm) than furry cats. Does anyone here do this for their Sphynx?

Any help is appreciated. I read the other food threads and I know you all suggest different things. I just want to know what you think about this one.

I'd like to know what Sphynx mommies feed their babies too.
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Welcome to the site!

I believe that a proper balanced raw diet is excellent. But, how many people within the pet food consumer market will educate themselves on the balance and proper handling requirements of a raw food diet?

For the last year, I have been reading as much as I can on cat nutrition and I don't think I am as educated as I need to be to start a raw food diet for Nakita. Right now Nakita is on a 50/50 wet and dry diet, but I may consider a raw diet in the future. Also, when/if I do go to a raw food diet, I would be buying and mixing my own food (with the added nutritional supplements). I do not trust any manufactured product 100%, so I would do it myself since I know what type of meat is actually being used, the quality and what is being added. Also, I would still need to speak with vets to get some guidance as well.

So, I do believe raw is a very good alternative, as long as you educate yourself and get guidance from professional sources. I really don't think the average cat owner would do the extra work, or go to the extra expense on an annual basis that this diet requires. For sure, it is not something you do at the 'spur' of the moment, because it is the latest fad.

Sorry, but I don't have any answers regarding your questin on the Sphynx diet.
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Thanks for replying. Your cat is gorgeous!!

I need to ask my vet how much raw meat to give him. Hopefully he recommends doing what you are planning on doing b/c I'd have to drive two hours to the closest place that sells this food. I've read before that human food isn't as good for them but if you add your own nutrients I don't see why it wouldn't be. I actually think it's a good idea but I'd have to read more about what nutrients I'd need to add.

What kind of food do you feed Nakita now?
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Originally posted by Purr
Thanks for replying. Your cat is gorgeous!!
Thanks! Nakita has stolen my !

What kind of food do you feed Nakita now?
Currently I have her on Wellness/Felidae, both dry and wet. I've had her on other food in the past, but she ends up not liking them after awhile! She seems to be doing well on these two though.

I think if I decide to transition her over to raw, it's going to be a struggle. She doesn't like ANY meat (unless it is canned cat food)! So I will probably slowly increase the wet food and maybe introduce a canned food that has more meat (ie: Wysong). If she does well with the more meat canned, then I will start supplementing a few days with raw. Again, this will be a very slow process and I will see how well she adapts. I'm still reading up on the whole topic. I like to research a lot before making any changes.

Who knows if she will ever eat raw, but I'm in no rush. Plus, she maybe only a kibble cat at heart!
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Definitely check with your vet before feeding a raw diet - raw food diets require careful balance and supplementation to be healthy.
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