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feline aids

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I had a 7 year old male cat who contracted a respitory infection. I took him to the vet, and they gave him antibiotics and told me he would be sent home with some for a 4 day treatment. They asked if he had been aids/lukemia tested, and I said no. So, they tested him and his results were positive. So, I had him put down. I had all three of my cats vacinated when they were neutered, but do not have them vacinated annually. So, now they tell me I need to have my other two boys tested, and if they have it, I should do the right thing and put them down too. They arent ill at all (one is 2 one is 4). I dont know what to do. Part of me says, if theyre not sick, why should I have them tested, but part of me wants to know. But if there is no treatment for feline aids, what would the point be except to know that they were carriers. Im not insensitive, but Im also not rich and my boys seem so healthy. what should i do? Im so upset...
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I am sorry to hear about your kitty. However, feline aids is not a reason to put them down. Most cats live 20 years with it and do well. The other cats have been exposed, so there is no reason to vaccinate for it. However, if they are outdoor cats, they need to stay indoors only now. They could spread it to cats who they come in contact with. Sadly, most owners of outdoor cats do not vaccinate. The only time a cat should be put to sleep with the virus, is when their immune system shuts down. If your vet tells you otherwise, please find another vet. On the positive side, if you ever decide to get another cat, and both the other kitties have it..then you could give another cat with the virus a good home. I hope they stay healthy for many years!
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I know its hard to lose an animal to aids, but i worked in a vets office and the best thing to do is have them tested so that you know. You do not have to put them down right away, but you will have to keep them away from other cats, and keep them indoors only. The feline aids virus is extremly contagous to other cats so thats why I'm telling you this. I hope all things work out well for you, and I'm sorry about your loss.
Take care
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