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I had posted a couple of weeks ago about

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a client of mine who wanted to give up her 8 year-old cat. She felt she wasn't taking good enough care of her. I had posted that this cat has a great home (Two of them actually; a country lake house and a city home)

I was initially shocked and upset she wanted to get rid of her cat. Well after I talked to her(and gave her a guilt trip) she said what she really wanted to do is get a companion cat for hers. Her husband told her "no" at first. I came up with the bright idea of supervising the introduction period at their lake house while they were in the city IF her husband agreed to it.

I just talked to her on the phone and she said she really wanted to get another cat within the next week and she wants me to do the introduction process. She said "We are going to take you up on your wonderful idea and go ahead and get another cat"! I really pushed her to adopt from our local shelter and even suggested an older cat, one closer to her cat's age.

I am excited about this complete turn-around and hope everything works out. This catis 8 and has mostly been an only pet. She did live peacefully with a dog, but has not accepted other cats in her home. Lately though, the owner has seen her cat lounging around outside on her deck with a stray or even feral kitty with no fights! (maybe she is getting lonely!)
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That is great! I'm glad that you were able to talk to her about this. Good luck introducing the two cats! I hope they become fast friends quickly.
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I remember you posting that a few weeks ago .
I am so glad that she still has the cat and is wanting really one more cat . That is really great news . I wish you luck with the new cat and intro
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That is great! I really hope it works out! It will be wonderful for another homeless older cat to have found a new loving home as well!
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That is terrific!! I'm so happy to see this development.
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