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clueless - any ideas

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My parents were adopted a few months ago by this lovely cream colored longhaired girl - she can't be very old maybe 2-3 years. When she first arrived she was very very very skinny. Over the weeks and with regular feedings, sometimes 3-4 a day, she gained weight and began to thrive. She even had a belly on her. Well a day or so ago after an absense of 1 day she came back almost as skinny as she was a few months ago when she first arrived.

OK, these are the facts:

Over the months she become affectionate with my parents, letting them pet her, give her rubs, etc. but woold not let them pick her up, catch her. So, my mother was able to see/touch her belly, NO her nipples were not red and swollen, but normal size. She also acted like she was in heat, rolling around, butt in the air, tail to the side, meowing a lot. After her one day absense she still displayed the same "in heat" behavior and at like a bandit. One exception now she was very skinny again.

I would have said that she had a bad pregnancy and
miscarried, BUT where does the in heat behavior come in before her weight loss and how can a cat drop sooo much weight otherwise in one day.

OH YES - it is the same cat!!

Any Ideas
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Hmmmm, this is strange.... Im afraid I don't have any advice for you, but my first impressions would be the same as yours, perhaps a miscarriage. Im not an expert though so Im sure some of these intellectual type peolpe will be able to give you some good suggestions!? My only other thought is that it might possibly be worms - they can cause tummy swelling if left, but Im not sure if the swelling would just leave like that.....hmmmmm

Im interested to hear the answers to this one..

Hope all works out well and keep us up to date!..

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