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Whats a girl to do ??? - Update !

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Well, it looks like this Cinderella is going to the Ball !!!

After a long chat with my Managing Director about, only 'couples' allowed to go, and the menu being a alcohol laced set one that there
was nothing I could eat on, due to allergies, things have changed.

That day an email went out round the entire company saying " Singles are welcome " and those of you who are coming on your own, please
tell us your seating preferences ! " so we could even chose who you were going to sit with ! So that's it...I'm coming and what's more, they are making me an honourary guest, and have sorted out a special menu for me !!!!!!!

The Ball is Saturday night in a fantastic place called the Burhill
Golf Club ( http://www.burhillgc.co.uk ) that is very exclusive and very expensive, and the theme is 'dress to impress'. They even said
I can wear smart trainer shoes ( I have arthritis in my ankles and cannot wear heels, and never can find feminine nice flat shoes to fit ! ).

They apologised for the offense they have caused, and I have spent the week getting very excited helping everyone plan what they are wearing...I still don't know what I'm wearing ! Major emergency shopping trip planned for first thing tomorrow morning !!!

Can't wait for the party !!!!!!!!!!!
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that is so cool!!
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Sonia I'm so glad they changed their minds about it! Have a fantastic time, I'm sure you will!
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That's wonderful news, they finally decided to do the right thing. I hope you have a wonderful time at the ball! Its so much fun to be part of the anticipation, as well as the event! But just promise that you won't lose your glass slipper at midnight.
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