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georgiagirl8, very well said.
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When I was growing up the same things happened every year without fail:

"Santa" would always leave a few battery operated toys under the tree, but would never remember to include the batteries so that the toys could be played with.

Then one of us kids would be carefully examining one of our new toys, when we would suddenly notice that it was made by Mattel.(sp?) Of course, we would have to ask our parents why was "Santa" leaving a toy THAT WASN'T EVEN MADE AT THE NORTH POLE!!!!!
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Originally posted by annabelle33
I appreciate keeping the child like innocence and magic of Christmas, but don't they wonder why Santa gives them presents and their own parents don't? I totally don't get this concept at all please someone explain..

As I experianced for the first time this year that everyone "plays" Santa differently. In my family growing up Santa only brought us one Major present and a stocking full of candy and a small toy, or music tapes/CD's. And all the Presents under the tree were from parents and Siblings. But in my B/F's family Santa Brought EVERYTHING! all the presents that belonged under the tree.

But in Response to your Question I will Tell my Children there is a Santa Clause. It was one thing that made Christmas Exciting to me and my Siblings as kids and I want to pass that excitement on to my children.
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