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What does a hairball actually look like?

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Can you tell I'm a new kitten owner? Our kittens are 5 months old. Yesterday I came home to a small pile of vomit on the bathroom floor. It seemed almost solid in consistency (sorry if TMI!), so I guessed that it might have happened earlier in the day. One of the kittens had obviously stepped in it, too.

I've never seen an actual hairball before. Is it actually all hair, or is it just vomiting?

Nothing seems to be wrong with them--I'll see if there's anything when I go home today.

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hairball emeisis looks like a tube- all rolled up like a hairy caterpiller. If they continue to throw up you should get them to the vet quickly. Vomiting in young kittens is very dangerous, they can dehydrate fast.
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Sam has lots of hairballs, because he has long, dense fur. His look like sloppy poop (for lack of a better description). But he usually vomits a couple of times over several days before he produces the hairball.

However, I took him to the vet when I first had this happen (I was new to cats too, and he was a 5 year old adoptee), just to be sure that there was nothing else wrong. Now I just clean it up.
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...hahaha.....sloppy poop...

Seriously though, you couldn't have described that better!
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