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How Many Litter Boxes?

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We have three cats (two full grown and one "teenager") and one large litter box. We empty it every day, but it still is kind of stinking up the house. Should we add another litter box? If so, how do you convince the cats to go in both boxes?

P.S. Perhaps this problem is related to my earlier post about my one cat who doesn't always smell very good? See post: Smelly Cat
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The basic rul of thumb is 1 box per cat - so 3 cats / 3 boxes. But if you are good about cleaning 2 very large ones should do just fine.
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Originally posted by rose_in_bloom
Should we add another litter box? If so, how do you convince the cats to go in both boxes?

As Helen mentioned, I would add two more boxes. Also, place the boxes in a secluded area where they can go and not be interrupted. As long as you show them where the litter boxes are, they usually figure out which one's they want to use.
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I'm bad I had two litterboxes when I got Saki but I got rid of his litterbox eventually because I just dont have the room. They both do fine with one litterbox and less clean up for me
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My two cats have three litter boxes. One on the main floor of the house (my apartment is on the second floor, but they have the run of the hallway and stairwell), that they use when they are playing downstairs and don't feel like making the trek all the way back up. And two in the apartment. I got the second when I got the second cat, and they have both designated one box for poop, one for pee. I changed to scented litter, (multi cat formula) and with daily scooping, lots of fresh litter, the cats keep the box well looked after and I no longer have problems with odour.
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Well, it sounds like I need another litter box. Also, what brand of litter are you guys using? Thanks for the help.
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Arms & Hammer Super Scoop and when that is not available I use Tidy Cats Clumping cat litter.
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Do you use the Arm & Hammer stuff even with multiple cats?
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Yes, I have 3 cats and 3 litterboxes. BTW they are outdoor cats so the litterboxes are not as used as often as I can imagine indoor cats would.
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As a groomer and a cat owner for over 17 years, it took one of my client's suggestions for a litter box problem solver that made me think: "GEE, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?". Take one large plastic storage tub (any color you prefer) for storing large items like Christmas things or garage sale items. Either cut a large hole in the top or not (I didn't) and fill with a large amount of scoupable litter. Amazing: 1 box only for muliple cats, large enough for the biggest of felines, litter accumulated in the pads of their paws is better contained, less clean up around the box and the odor is somehow less odorific! DUH
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I have 5 cats and 6 litter boxes. And I still have to clean them out daily! Guess my cats are just full of :censor::censor::censor::censor:!

I use fresh step and scoop away. I tried using the cheaper brands but I didn't like how they performed. They didn't seem to help the smell as much and didn't clump well.
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I have three cats and four litter boxes. I have two behind a folding screen with plastic underneath for the dribbles of litter when they exit. And yes, they do poop in one and pee in the other. One other box is in the garage ( they get there via a cat door ) and that is the closest they get to outside. That one does not get used very much. The forth is making it's way slowly to join the two behind the screen. With my new kitten I bought her one all her own. The big kitties do not use it! I had confined her to a room when she was new and as she has matured I have slowly moved it closer to the big kittie's bathroom. There have been no accidents from Baby. I was surprised because she was a feral kitten. But she learned house manners quickly!
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It's important to have one box per cat, not just to keep them cleaner. It's also a matter of making sure a cat always has an available box when she needs to go. I know it can work ok even with one box for 3 cats - but there may come a day when one of the cats will need to go, when another is already is using the box. In that case, some cats may seek alternative locations to do their business at...

When you add more boxes, make sure you place them properly. If you put them too close to the existing box, some cats may view that as the same box and will avoid it if another cat is occupying the adjacent box. Of course, make sure water and food are placed away from the litter box and that the location feels secure for the cat (meaning it's not too open, yet she can't be cornered there by other cats).
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